Friday, April 20, 2007

Slurpee on the ground

Bit of workout this morning shovelling my sidewalk, that stuff is heavy! It's like shovelling slurpee and then you have this slippery film left on the sidewalk. I'm so Canadian, that I went out there after shovelling and put salt/gravel down in fear that someone might slip.

Whoo Hoo to the Flames making this a series. I ♥ Kipper! By far one the best goalies in the game. I wonder if he does yoga. I was falling asleep on the couch by 8:30pm, didn't even watch Ugly Betty but I think I had the vcr programmed to tape it..I hope so.

Dreading WI which is no different than last week, I've yet another goofy week due to poor time management. I'm getting better but want to be a pro. I'm thinking of buying a slow cooker this weekend to facilitate the dinner dilemmas. Plus I had events this week that don't normally happen so that tossed a bit of wrench in. I'm not giving up, my training for the half marathon will be ramping up as soon as it's not totally dangerous to hit the pavement. My course is finished this week and I'm on waiting lists for two other classes that don't start until May 15, so if I can't get in I'll have few months off to really focus.

I have a great day planned today and a new week starts tomorrow.

Have a super great Friday everybody!


duenneschen said...

i absolutely love the hair!!!!

hot, hot stuuuuuuuufffffff.

Sonya said...

Your new haircut and colour is absolutely awesome!!!!! Gosh - that colour is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!