Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Cotton Candy Snow

I woke up this morning to a sea of white and it looked like a lot had fallen. I went out to shovel it and it was like shoveling fluff. It was so pretty, also annoying but pretty. I'm ready to wear flip flops not snow boots. Oh well it's Winter's last "take that" hopefully.

Chose to treat yesterday as a rest day as I just didn't feel quite right soreness wise. I'll do cardio for the remainder of the week. Thursday night I have to go to a work event at a swanky hotel that won't end until 9pm probably. I have today mapped out point wise and will do the same for the rest of week...with no deviations. I was bang on with water yesterday and did show a loss this a.m so I want to continue that trend.

Watched the Bachelor last night because I couldn't resist. I have to admit they picked a good one this time but I know it will be a train wreck from here on in. Some of those girls are certifiable for sure.

Alas, not much else to report today. Have a great Tuesday!

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