Thursday, April 05, 2007

The place is a buzz

This evening my office is hosting one of two events a year we do for our clients and craziness has struck.
The organizer has a habit of driving people crazy, politeness goes out the window and every request becomes a demand.

It will all be over by tonight but right now people are skulking around the office trying to avoid the gaze of the organizer. I have volunteered to man the name card table as I hate to schmooze and this way I get to say hi to everyone. I also had a chance to give input on the menu so there's healthy fair and not just trouble. Last year there was barely any vegetables or fruit so this year there's some choice. I shall be careful with my choices and drink copious amounts of water.

Last night I went to Walmart and found the Nutrigrain Sweet and Salty bars (finally) and new flavour of Nestea individual flavour packs for water bottles (Green Tea), also picked up Liptons version of lemon ice tea and another one that now escapes me. Went to Safeway and picked up a new thing by Dole, it's mango peach sorbet mixed with pineapple frozen yogurt. It works out to 2pts per half cup and it's lovely. Tart enough that you wouldn't want a huge bowl of it, but very refreshing and so makes me think of Hawaii. There's a raspberry/pomegranate version as well.

I swear the people of Walmart think I'm schizophrenic. I was cruising the aisles and found these half size bars from Haagen Daz, at first I thought neato and then I checked the NI. 5pts each... I'm fairly positive I said "I don't think so" out loud. I'm fairly certain I said "Cool" out loud upon finding the Nestea. Ah well at least I'm entertaining :)

Oy vey can't think of what else to say. Stayed OP yesterday, walked home from the mall even though it was snowing. The rest of my workout effort was dancing around the living room. It's going to be a late night tonight so no work out but there's a good walk with H planned for tomorrow.

Have a great Thursday!

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