Monday, April 16, 2007

And the beat goes on

Alas time has flown once again.

Friday ran away with me. On Saturday my papa came into to town so errands were done and two hockey games were watched. On Sunday after loading the truck at 7am with scaffolding, ladders and old paint cans, Dad went home and I headed off to meet H for a 16k walk.

It was gorgeous out and thanks to our creative planning we avoided the Chinook Half Marathon people. Of coure neither of us realized there was a race on until I got to Eau Claire and saw all the race numbers. I had a fuel gel for the first time in 4 months. I definitely like the GU brand better, I'll need to stock up on those again. The lemon is quite good and the chocolate tastes like chocolate pudding.

After the walk went home and proceeded to snack like crazy, I always find long distance days throw me off food wise. Did get completely caught up with my class discussion board postings, now there's one last chapter and one last paper.

Still need to sign up for the next one and do my taxes.

WI this week showed a stayed the same, which I'm really grateful for as this is the weigh in that's usually effected by the evil TOM.

Have misplaced my tracking book so I'm using the old fashioned paper ones and they irritate me. More inspiration to see what happened to my book

I must carefully plan tomorrow as I'm going out for lunch and for dinner. However I love the Thai salad at Milestone's.

Workout tonight will be walking home from the mall and yoga.
May everyone find their inspiration, never lose faith in themselves and celebrate themselves daily.
Peace Out!

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duenneschen said...

i love your last sentence!!!!

keep up the great work!