Monday, April 23, 2007

Updates and musings

I haven't posted since Friday so this might be long...
Let's start with Saturday:
Woke up with a splitting headache, the kind of headache that any noise whatsoever drives you bananas. I decided to take some advil and skip the meeting (my meeting is loud), thinking I'll just go to the second one. Well I woke up at 10:30am so I missed both meetings. I weighed myself at home and was exactly the same as last Saturday so I'm pretty positive it would be a stay the same. Apparently I have this maintaining thing down. I took that as inpiration to behave on Saturday and I did use 5 flex points. I went a wee over because I spent 2.5 hours finishing my last and final paper for Human Organization Behaviours course and I needed sustenance. Zipped that paper over to H for a final look through.

Met H at the pathway for 12km walk, me beat our time from last time by 15min. Not too shabby. Got home and changed and then headed out with A to look at Condos. Everytime I walk into these places it makes me think how old my house is (1950) but I don't care I like it. It could use a reno but I need to win the lottery for that :) Got home and then super woman kicked in. Made final modifications on paper and submitted it, baked a cake that the stupid dark pans once again burnt, zipped to Walmart and bought new pans and new cake mix. Tried again and this time perfecto. Made fruit salad, did laundry and actually put laundry away. Wound up earning 11APs.

Weighed myself this morning and I was down a pound...whoo hoo. I need to WI this Thursday at 7am because on Saturday I have a conflicting dentist appointment. I'm saving the rest of my flex for dinner on Tuesday (East Indian) and then it will be water, water, water on Wednesday.

Oy vey! I need new clothes and this causes a love/hate thing. I'm not where I want to be and there will a few more sizes in between. I don't want to go crazy but sort of buy transitional pieces or cheap. Luckily it's spring so I can update some things. I seriously need to go to payless...maybe tonight.

The cake I baked is for my boss's birthday it's vanilla cake with a layer of lemon curd in between and then frosted with vanilla frosting - I didn't want to over do the lemon. I'm going to try to find some jelly fruit to but around the border. It's her 50th birthday so I think fun and frivolous would be appropriate.

I'm going to a yoga retreat at the end of May, wowsers do I need to get into geat so I'm not completely useless.

Hope everyone has a super fabulous week!


duenneschen said...


awesome job on the weightloss! keep up the great work this week!

CaRoLyN said...

Great job on the loss!
Sounds like you had quite a busy weekend...the cake sounds yummy!! I don't think I can even bake anymore in my house because I just pick away at it and eat it myself!
I know what you mean about the clothes. I have been wanting to buy summer clothes but don't wat them to be baggy and sloppy by July.