Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Heavy Snowfall Warning

It's spring in Cowtown, which means stupid weather patterns. Chance of 35cm of snow by tomorrow. Yay...ah no. I'm hoping it doesn't snow gobs tonight as I will be hanging out at my local mall until my hair appointment at 6:15pm and then it's a cut and highlights so goodness knows when I'll be done. I'm hoping not to be slugging through mega snow on my way home. I did bring a toque and umbrella just in case. However if it does snow my neighbours will have a show of me frantically tossing fertilizer on my lawn. Then I suspect they will all be out doing the same thing.

Went out to dinner last night splurged on dessert and then it was so so. How incredibly disappointing, but I paid for it with an upset stomach later. I have been one mega rebel lately in kinda sorta following the plan, I don't know what's wrong with me. I did have a good think about it this morning and felt it down in my soul that if I don't start getting my act together all the hard work thus far will be lost. So tracker is with me, almost 1l down before 10am and I brought my lunch. Tonight will dinner at Subway so I don't get home starving and eat anything. I have 3 days before WI I can turn myself around. I'm going to go back to writing in my tracker my I'm eating what I'm eating ie. breakfast, lunch, snack, bored, have no idea. I think then I'll think twice before going snack crazy.

Caught the last half of Gilmour Girls and I thought it was blah. It seems like everything is just wrapping up. However was super happy with the results of the Flames game, though I was dosing off in the 2nd period and then went to bed.

Have to be at work uber early tomorrow for a computer training/ info session. My workplace is so ridiculous right now, infused with drama. Put a tv crew in here and we would be the next soap. At a meeting there was a vote as to when to have this training session. Majority voted for the morning it was decided. Now people are saying "I didn't vote for that", oh please. These people are acting like their in kindergarten. I don't get it, I'm trying to be a duck and just let it all roll off. Life is too short to get caught up in stupidity.

I should so watch the Secret again, everytime I watch that I have a more positive energy. I haven't written in my gratitude book for weeks and I've got a plain white poster board on my wall that is to be my vision board, but I haven't put anything on it yet. I think it's time to take care of that and make a conscious effort to think positively.

On that note: Count your blessing today, you'll be amazed at how many you have.

Peace out!


CaRoLyN said...

I just love reading your posts!
Don't let a few blah days get to you. A couple of good OP days can COMPLETELY change your perspective on WW.
I just finished reading the secret and I feel so positive. I am hoping to watch the video this weekend and I can't wait.
Good luck tracking!!

The Glitterati said...

Go Flames!!!! Roommie and I had red drinks, and ate red foods (or foods out of red packages), and made up derogatory names for the Red Wings players (BerFLOOZY!), and had a grand ol' time. Here's to a 2nd win in the Dome... did the cheering from 17th wake you? :)