Thursday, April 19, 2007

Early Start

I was on a bus at just after 6am this morning to attend a software information seminar in which the projections screen didn't work. So I sat for an hour and listened to someone read the hand out. There were muffins and donuts...I was bored = pastry sabotage. Alas the day is not over and quite frankly I'm craving veggies so I'm not too worried about today. Maybe it's a good thing to get bad behaviour out of the way early.

Last night I went to the salon and got my hair cut and coloured. I call it rockstar hair and I will post a pic when I get home (Dark dark brown with a few vibrant red highlights). I was too tired last night. I walked home from the mall in the snow/rain and it coated my glasses and then when I wiped them off made them foggy. I could probably walk that route blindfolded but I did pause at intersections peered over my glasses to see if I could see headlights.

Had time to kill before my appointment got sukiyaki beef, at about a 1/3rd of it and focused on the veggies, went to Walmart to see if I could find a cute cardigan that I had seen a few days before (no cardigan), got more Nestea (to take to work this time) and the new Oreo wafer thins. There 3pts for a pack. Not tremendously oreo in flavour but a nice light cookie, there are two wafers in each pack. I like that fact that it's divided in serving sizes.

I really want to find the Hostess 100cal packs but I have yet to see them in my fair city, I don't even know if they're available in Canada.

Drank loads of water yesterday that resulted in me seeing most of the people I work with as I trucked too and from the washrooms.

For those who were wondering: EVOO is extra virgin olive oil. Rachel Ray uses the term EVOO a lot.

Flames fever is abundant in my city, I didn't see too many jerseys this morning but mind you I was out fairly early. I did see city buses flashing the "Go Flames Go". I watched the game on tv on Tuesday and I was so proud of my city and the sea of red. We get 100% behind our hockey team, there are car flags and jerseys all over this city. For all the ex-pats out there, the red mile is being watched carefully by our boys in blue. They handed out over a hundred fines for things like honking and running around with your beer bottle. All in all we're pretty well behaved fans. No store fronts have been broken or fire hydrants ripped out and no piliging has occured when we've won or lost. That spirit is renewed every year time after time.

I hope Kipper is well rested. That man is one hell of a goaltender.

Go Flames Go!!!!!!


The Glitterati said...

That Kipper is so limber! :) Glad to hear that the Red Mile is well. I also love that the city is 100% enthusiastic, but doesn't go over the top.

Weird, we're sharing a veggie craving! I'm munching on a greek salad as I type. It's yummy, but what with all the onion and feta, I pity the poor soul who sits next to me on the bus ride home.

I love those new chocolate "sticks"... where they take regular chocolate bars but package them into 80cal (or whatever) sticks. They're the perfect size. Can't wait to see the new 'do!!

jodi said...

can't wait to see pics of the hair - rock star is always good... :o)

CaRoLyN said...

Aww I'm a Sens fan through and through and they are on to the next round! YAY!
Your hair ROCKS!!! I love it!!!! i wish I could do that with mine but I'm way to fair to go any darker.
Hope you have an awesome the sun shining out there too??
Have a great weekend!!