Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Adventures of Walking Home

Death By Chocolate has been post poned. Which is probably for the best...I think I have some Light Dr Oetker Chocolate Mousse mix at home...I might need to go there with all the thoughts of chocolate dancing in my head.

So I being intrepid and somewhat intelligent decided to walk home after work yesterday. My walking buddy bailed on me and we're off kilter as to training plan. She's a day behind me. I'm a little sketchy on the pathway up by hood. There's an elusive staircase on the side of the cliff completely surrounded by trees that leads from the path up to the neighbourhoods so I went on a quest to find it. Part of this walk is a little spooky because it gets very woodsy and no people around except for the stray abandoned shopping cart. Hats off to the people who push them all the way up there because that's far and not so easy.

I started off my trek with my loaded backpack and at a good pace. Got past the last major bridge which is where my knowledge of the path gets sketchy. Stepped off the main path on to a side one that I thought was the one I needed. After climbing up on a gravel pathway for roughly 2k, I realized nope this isn't it. I knew I would surface in an area I was familiar with I just didn't quite know where. I surface in the neighbourhood 3 over from mine. Which was o.k, the end result just over 7km with mega hill work. I got home exhausted probably slightly dehyrdrated...fuel belt can not go on due to backpack and like an idiot I didn't stop to drink.

Lesson learned: make sure to take a sip of water every 15min and stay on the main path longer to find the elusive staircase.

There will be another attempt probably next week :)


Purl_Princess said...

Great job on the walk!

I noticed your post from a couple days ago, if you want a great free site that lets you save stuff try sparkpeople.com.
I like it better than FitDay...

Cowgirl Warrior said...

I'll definitely check it out..thanks :)