Friday, August 18, 2006

Day 7/7 - Counting down the hours

Hello All,
So I was missing in action probably because I was eating. When I'm stressed I eat and I've been mega stressed thanks to work and the craziness that happens when you're trying to get organized before going on vacation. Actually yesterday I was very good points wise not excessive snacking, had to talk myself out of it a few times. Every time I wanted to snack I went and weighed worked well. Today just due to being busy I'm on plan, no time to snack. Tonight I must mow lawns, water flowers and pack so I won't be snacking either.

I'll be gone next week, I'm off to Dad's so the middle of nowhere with 6 channels well actually 3 but because he's smack in the middle of two major cities you get the locals from both. I'm packing books and my pilates DVD and my portable DVD player plus a few movies.

Training schedule is also going with me to go on his fridge for the week. Not sure if I can do the endurance walk do to location but then I'll just walk every day for shorter distances to make up the mileage for the week. It's early enough in training that I can pull that off plus the endurance distance for this week isn't much. Next week it start to get longer and longer and longer.

I get so tired at his house, I just want to sleep. I'll sleep late, I'll nap and I'll be out before The National. It's all that fresh air and no sounds of traffic. Everything runs in relation to sun up and sun down. I sometimes wonder if I'm running on adrenaline in the city and at his house I can stop and breathe.

He'll be doing all the cooking (he won't let me) so food will be a little hard to control the good thing is he doesn't make too many evil things and I will be stopping at Stupidstore to pick up milk, yogurt, cereal and any other necessity that he wouldn't eat.

I'm not missing any WI so the motivation will still be there that's for sure.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and a great week ahead.


duenneschen said...

have a great vacay!!!

Ironbelle said...

have a good time!

Sonya said...

I'm proud of you for resisting all that snacking yesterday - what a good strategy - weighing yourself!

I wish I had that same willpower this past weekend.

Have a restful time off!

The Glitterati said...

Enjoy your time at Dad's! I hope you come back rejuvenated and refreshed -- you deserve it, after all that work-related insanity!

You've come a long way baby! said...

My work life always get crazy busy when trying to prepare for a vacation. Last week was extra busy because I was preparing to be out for 2-3 weeks of medical leave (foot surgery). You did the best you could so now it is time to enjoy your vacation. Get the R&R you need and enjoy your time away from the normal everyday grind. Take care!