Sunday, August 13, 2006

Now I'm excited! - Day 2 out of 7 (Week 1)

So WI was a miracle...I stayed the same. Quite pleased with that.
Saturday turned into a personal last supper, I remember doing that the week before I joined WW in the first place.

I made a conscious decision to make this day 1. So day 1 was the last supper but I stayed up late watching Coyote Ugly on ABC so there were many hours between last food intake and sleep.
Today has been wicked OP. I think part of my problem is not looking at what types of food my body needs. Sundays are long distance training day so I met my training partner for the first time in a few weeks because our schedules finally connected. We did a little over 11km at the right pace. Before heading out I had a home made yogurt fruit parfait and a glass of milk, after workout I had a homemade egg mcmuffin and some ham bacon and a home made cafe mocha. That was at noon, so I had my pre workout carbs and my post workout protein and my stomach hasn't grumbled once and it's now 4pm.

Next weeks lunches will be a balance of protein and veggies. I'm thinking of having yogurt with my morning english muffin instead of waiting until 9am to have the yogurt. It's all about statistics my friends.

My training partner told me something really comforting. I was a bit freaked out about going to Hawaii and her whole family being know odd person out. I guess originally her brother wanted to be in Hawaii the same time I was planning to be and TP told him that there would be no time for family time then because her friend was coming (that's me). So now there in Hawaii a week ahead of my arrival as a family and then everyone except her mom and her goes home the day after the marathon. I'll be temporarily adopted for the marathon support but afterwards I know that her mom, her and I will have a fabulous time for the following week.

Wow now I'm excited... a little curious of what I'll be allowed to bring on the plane. If they ban electronics then I better be allowed to bring a book and a couple of mags. 7 hours is a long time to be staring at the seat in front of you.

Hope everyone had a super great weekend!


Sonya said...

Great job on the 11K and glad to hear that your weigh-in went well! Woo hoo!

Don't worry about how you'll feel when you get to Hawaii - after you've finished that Marathon, you'll be on top of the world! You definitely won't feel like the odd one out.

My in-laws and boss just got back from the UK last night (separate trips, of course)...and they have banned magazines and books. AND IPODS!!! Oh my.

How long is the flight from Calgary to Hawaii?

Proud of your hard work, girlie - keep it up.

Cowgirl Warrior said...

It's either 7 hours there and 6.5 back or the other way around.
This morning they said books were o.k. It will all change by December anyway.

Thanks so much for your support

Tyler's Story said...

Wow oh wow, I leave for a few weeks and come back to this! Good luck in the Marathon :) That is something I hope I am able to do one day :)

Sonya said...

Okay - now I'm seriously freaked out. When you're crossing the finish line of your Marathon, I'll be very close to having the baby!


And here I was, reading your blog, thinking - gee, her marathon isn't that far away.


The Glitterati said...

7 hours without lipbalm would be hell!! :) But hopefully they'll have relaxed by December. What are you going to do with a magazine... threaten to paper-cut the pilot?!?!