Monday, July 31, 2006

I need me a posse

O.K so Friday the workout gods left me but I stuck to the food plan really well. Saturday was a rest day and I was up 0.6 at WI which I'm totally o.k with. I think my body is freaked out about the yoga and pilates, it's trying to figure out what I'm up to. I really enjoyed the meeting because the discussion was why do we like meetings and what are some of the things you've learned. It reminded me again how it doesn't matter where you are in this journey, the battle is the same. I thought about my fellow bloggers on this journey and how much support there was on here as well. We should really have a convention of some sort :)

I watched all the yoga workouts yesterday so I don't do an impression of a contortionist when I do it on Tuesday.

All weekend I desperately wanted to bake but resisted. Then I remembered I had No pudge brownie mix but no fat free vanilla yogurt so that didn't happen.

I also searched in vain through all my cookbooks for a point friendly ground beef casserole recipe. I found recipes but was always missing an ingredient. That idea is on hold for next weekend.

Sunday I did my 8km walk according to my training plan and I kicked ass. I had one of my fastest times ever which was not the plan. I so walk to the music in my mp3 player. For race time I need put together a killer mix. At any rate I decided that I really should encorporate a heart rate monitor especially when I walk on my own so that I don't over train.

Fell victim to a home made sundae yesterday after dinner and then felt over full as payback. I think I'll skip the low fat ice cream for a while and stick to portion controlled ice cream sandwiches if I need a fix. I can stop at one.

This week will be tough craving wise thanks to the week before TOM thing. So I've stocked my house with low point options and have conducted self mind control so that if I crave something sweet my option will be fruit. Water is my top priority. I've lost during this week before and that was thanks to loads of water, I want to hit 170 so bad.

Last week on one of my training nights I ran into some of the people from the half marathon clinic I did that ended in May. Many people commented on my having lost weight and I just got an email from one them who mentioned again that I looked awesome. I'm seriously thinking of hiring these people to follow me around and tell me I'm own posse perhaps?

I'm supposed to go to Death By Chocolate tomorrow but that might not happen which would probably be a good thing. Even if it is "on" apparently the event is booked, there is first come first serve in the pub area that offers it so we'll see. Today and tomorrow will still be planned around it point wise just in case.



Anne said...

You can do this! :)
What is this Death by Chocolate?

Cowgirl Warrior said...

OMG, it's put on by the Fairmount Palliser Hotel and it's an abundance of chocolate themed desserts from cookies to cakes to fountain with fruit. It's $20/person and amazing. They have creme brulee to which is my absolute favourite -technically not chocolate but I don't care.
All the portions are small so you can try a lot of things without killing yourself.

Rachel said...

Oh my gosh, music is INTEGRAL. So integral, in fact, that I won't even bother if my mp3 player's battery has run out. I know it's not gonna happen.

Uh, I wish I had fought off the urge to bake. Friday I had to make cookies for work (I'd be lying if I said I didn't eat a few) and Sunday I wanted baked goods SO BAD. So I made a German chocolate cake. S'all good though--I just finished a Skinny Cow ice cream cone. 150 calories, baby. Mmmmm.

Purl_Princess said...

Oh I've been to Death by Chocolate at the Palliser many times! Me and my girlfriends would go and we wouldn't eat the WHOLE day so we could stuff ourselves... I miss that...

Sonya said...

I couldn't do without music either. Honestly, it has saved me.

Death by Chocolate - I am SO there with you, girlfriend!

And as for hearing about your fabulousness - no DOUBT! you are!

Ironbelle said...

Congrats on all the walking! You also seem super motivated and encouraged right now! Its nice to see that dedication!

I think its beyond nice that a friend took the time to write you an email to say congrats on the weight loss. I was just discussing earlier with a friend how ppl don't do that. so kudos to your friends they sound nice and encouraging!

iportion said...

It's so hard for me to find things that are point friendly and that I have everything.

I need to start pilates again too.