Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Day 4/7 - Gene Simmons is funny

OMG, last night I laughed all the way through two episodes of Gene Simmons Family Jewels. I love this show it's Gene at home with the woman and the kids. 23 years of unmarried bliss he says. Of course his signficant other is Shannon Tweed who is Canadian by the way.
The kids are funny, the dog is funny. Gene is hysterical. I vaguely remember the leaders of a summer camp pretending to be KISS but other than that they were slighltly before my time.
Last night one episode was the son (Nicholas) challenging Dad to a driver's test and another had Dad (a notorious womanizer) freaking out over his daughter dating. It really seems like this how they all are at home. They're sarcastic and you can tell love each other very much.
I highly recommend this.

On to training : tonight is Yoga. Of course when I got home from work I was starving so I made a botched stir fry which now means I have to wait a bit before I can do Yoga because your not supposed to do it on a full stomach. The stir fry is botched because I never get it right, it's either too much sauce or not enough. Tonight too much sauce so I added more steam fried noodles which now means it's going to stir fry for lunch all week. Now I can't stop yawning so if Yoga doesn't happen I did walk home from the mall fast because I was trying to avoid getting soaked in the pending rain.

Point wise still did well today I'm quite happy now it's just 3 days to get through to complete a week. Then I'm off for a week at my Dad's house so no blogging during that time and at the mercy of my Dad's fridge but I will be training and my training schedule is coming with me so it can be on his fridge for the week.

Must go drink copious amounts of water to offset the sodium in the stir fry.



Michelle said...

when I was a kid, my sister took purple marker and wrote 'kiss' on all the wood beds and dressers in the house! nice eh??

ps~ of course you are inspiring!!

Living to Feel Good said...

I've taped Family Jewels but haven't seen it yet. Glad to hear someone other than my mom loves it. I missed the first one. Did you see it? Where Gene shows up to that couples wedding in Vegas is where my husband and I got married. I wish I would have caught that one. My mom said they had a boring ceremony though. We had a themed Tom Jones one, with a Tom Jones impersonator who married us. It was fun!!