Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Creative cross training

Yesterday was the first time in a long time that I stayed OP to the point...whoo hoo now I just need to repeat the process :)
Watched an amazing documentary on Katrina/New Orleans on CBC newsworld last night, I love their docs because there never sensational, always interesting and a matter of fact. This one was particularly good because it gave you quite a bit of back history leading up to the devastation as well. I feel so blessed to live where I do, no chance of hurrican or really tornado. The only wicked bad weather thing that can happen here is torrential rain (survived that with no flooding) or an abundance of snow (so far survived over 100cm and no damage...just met all my neighbours as we dug out our houses).

Tonight is a training night and as long as it doesn't decide to pour on our heads we'll be out there. Not that rain would normally derail me but it's a balmy plus 12 with north winds. I'm not interested in getting sick with my world wind plans of painting a fence, window frames and a railing this long weekend.

Last night was cross training...I cleaned like a mad woman for a solid hour and a half. I just kept finding projects. By 8pm I was falling asleep on the couch. So I am counting that.

This morning I saw a bit of infomercial for Turbo Jam...I own this, I have already been sucked in by the merchandising machine. I've done it once. So I sat there thinking to myself...we should dust that off. Then I started to think of all the exercise dvds/vhs I own and realize I never need to join a gym.

Have a great day/night!


Michelle said...

slim in 6 from '' is a really good 3 phase/6 wk workout. Your body changes so quickly too. My sister and I both did it with amazing results.

Cowgirl Warrior said...

That's where I got Turbo Jam, good to know...Thanks

Sonya said...

Yay, you're back. Missed you!

I meant to tell you - I, er, work at the CBC. It took some resistance to admit that - especially when you were praising The National in your other entry.:-)