Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hawaii is a GO!

How things can change in 24 hours. So my friend found a two bedroom condo right behind the Hawaiian Hilton Village. I got my flight for $850, originally priced at $876 then jumped to $1006 and then I checked back a couple of hours later and got my $850. Booked in on expedia, did a quick check on all the other sites for the same flight and I saved at least $150 bucks. There were cheaper flights but with mega layovers. Mine is a direct flight...woohoo. Now all I need to do is sign up for the marathon and this is a done deal.

Now my mind is racing, stay op, train, where the heck can I buy shorts in December. My goal is to be at goal by then, I might be travelling with an empty suitcase and buy warm weather clothes there.

This does put me on a budget for the next few months. I have to give my friend the moolah for the condo before October because that's when they charge her card. My original thinking was technically don't need to pay for the hotel until check out. Oh well it's about $571 for my portion which is still pretty darn good so I just can't go crazy at Walmart and be cautious with my "want it now" habits.

I get a room of my own, because there's a kitchen save some money on not eating out all the time plus that's a wee bit easier to stay on plan.

As far as this weekend went, food was hard only because my routine was tossed off. Didn't get a lot done just did a lot of relaxing :)


iportion said...

Wow so cool. I've never been there.

Ironbelle said...

That's awesome! It sounds like it is all coming together.... now you just need to get EXCITED! :)

Having the kitchen will give you sanity!! But - enjoy the place as well and treat yourself... heck girl you are doing a marathon :)

Cowgirl Warrior said...

Amen to that my friend :)