Monday, August 14, 2006

Day 3/7 part 1 - Sonya thinks I'm Inspiring

I'm so incredibly honoured that someone thinks I'm inspiring. Especially someone like Sonya, she's having a bambino that's an amazing thing all in itself.

TP (Training Partner) and myself realize that marathon is not that far away. We are now in week 3 of training. Week 1 was fantastic, Week 2 had a whole lot of rest days with bursts of activity in between. So here at Week 3 we know that goofing around is now over. We're serious, we're committed, we're shopping for hydration packs.

Little did I realize that conversations with a good friend would consist of debates over hydration packs "I think we should go 3L just to be safe and the Bushido from MEC feeds through the shoulder strap".
Discussions over carb consumption "So the sport beans are neat and the exact same carbs as gel so maybe for 6.5 - 7hrs we should have a combination of beans, gels and a mix of bite size pieces of clif bars"
Discussions over potential chafing "We should really try every hydration pack on and see how it feels, 7hrs in heat and humidity could get ugly"

We're on the pathway tonight being the fashion police for technical fabric. "I can't believe that guy is running in a cotton t-shirt, does he not know that cotton is evil".

By golly I think we're turning into the two old guys from the Muppets.

We did well tonight, goal was 45min, we did closer to 50min (it's hard to stop dead at 45min - your're usually at an awkward spot on the pathway, we could have gone 22.5 min out and back but we chose a loop instead). Points have been excellent today, hydration good could be better.

Tomorrow is 30 min of Cross Training so I think I'll do yoga. I need some serious stretching.

See ya tomorrow!


Sonya said...

Awww...of course you're inspiring! Look at how far you've come in your journey, and now you're *this* close to crossing the finish line of a marathon!

Do you wear one of those water belts when you're walking? They're awfully athletic looking.:-)

Also, when is the exact date of your marathon? I tried to scour your site, but couldn't find it. My bambino (or bambina, as you cutely put it) is due around Christmas. I have a feeling your marathon is earlier.

Here's to an exciting December!

Cowgirl Warrior said...

December 10th is offical marathon day. So I'll probably be back in Canada before bambino/bambina's birthday.

I have a fuel belt so its the one that has smaller bottles on it. Distributes the weight of the water evenly and is way more comfortable then a regular water bottle holder :)

duenneschen said...

ooohhh...i'm looking into getting one especially for my longer runs.

ive also thought of getting a camel back. did you consider one of those? i really need to make up my mind asap since ill need one for this weekend!

have you tried any of the gels/beans/bars?

i spoke to a Ironman participant and he preferred the gels because he didnt like the fullness of the bars. gosh, so much to worry about and i only have about 10 weeks left before my marathon!!! aaaaahhhh!!!