Thursday, August 03, 2006

Food Kleptomaniac

It's not that I'm stealing other peoples food (I do know some people who do this), it's that whatever my intention is this week I wind up with more.
For example this morning - I go to get a cup of coffee and I come back with coffee and raisin toast.
I just don't get my behaviour this week, I know it's partially due to the on coming of TOM but come on you'd think I could talk myself out of it. It will be interesting to see my WI results on Saturday. I'm not working tomorrow, took the day off to spend with my Dad. My Dad is not exactly the healthiest eater on the planet. We're German so at his house every day around 3pm some sort of pastry is consumed. Typically it doesn't happen at my house, plus I don't have any pastry in the house.

I'm a bit bummed today, probably helping the behaviour above.

The Honolulu marathon plans are going up in smoke. I was going with my training partner (TP) and her Mom. A little weird for me since the last time I was in Honolulu was with my Mom before she got ill. Then it started to turn into sort of a family vacation for TP with multiple family members, I totally think that's great for her but I'm not so keen on me difficult. My family isn't close and I have no siblings so I'm fairly independant and not so sure how to interact in a multi family member environment. Technically this is my winter vacation and I can't get my head around spending it with someone else's family, it would be different if I was visiting them but it's the going en masse sort of thing plus they were to be there a week ahead of me. I know their great but it's not the picture I had in my head. It's the feeling of being the third wheel.
Way back at the beginning of this marathon plan, I reserved a room for TP, Mom and me and sort of had a budget layed out. Now TP is suggesting a two room condo or two hotel rooms because we're all used to living on our own and we don't want to drive each other bananas. Valid point but that would double my costs for hotel. She has a point that if we had a condo then we could buy groceries, but yet again it would me and her family.
At the end of the day I'd be looking at roughly $2500 for one week holiday and that is just soooooo much too me and that's not including spending money.
So now I think she and her family should go to Hawaii and have a fantastic time. I'll find a marathon closer to home or wait for the Calgary Marathon in July.

I'm not totally giving up on Hawaii but it seems like it's getting further and further away.

I'll be back over the weekend with a much better outlook...I promise.

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Ironbelle said...

I second you on considering traveling with family that you have never met before. Plus, for that price you could go on a damn nice all inclusive vacation!! :) SERIOUSLY.... and run around it too!!

I'd reconsider....