Sunday, August 06, 2006

Round and round in circles

In my attempt to walk 9.7K for my training program I went in search of the elusive staircase that leads to the pathway. The reason this staircase is elusive is because it's not marked and behind bushes in a park. There's a lot of parks in this neighbourhood. The first time I found it from the pathway itself now I'm going in reverse. Thought I found it but that resulted in hiking a large portion of the Douglas Fir Trail with lots of stairs. These are "natural" stairs so wooden frame filled with dirt and the heights are wicked uneven. I got quite the workout hiking down and the back up. Didn't complete 9.7 but I didn't care that little hike but out way more exertion then I was supposed to do so I call it even.

I was up .8 at WI which is fine because it's TOM related, I've been up as much as 2lbs that week so my water was on track. I even had potatoe salad for dinner the night before.

I'm focusing on activity this week for sure and I'll head out for another walk tomorrow and yoga might be in future tonight just to stretch out some muscles a bit better.

Hawaii might be going better. I picked up a Frommer's guide yesterday and have started looking at like I'm going solo. Found a few jewels that they recommended that fit my budget. The tricky part is availability now. There's quite a few that I looked at that are booked solid for the first 4 days of my trip. I've also embraced the fact that if it's not meant to be this year, there's always next year.

I'm supposed to meet up with TP and her Mom tomorrow. A part of me is thinking this is me against them and I'm the third wheel. I've gotten over the fact that if we do two room I'll be paying more by looking for rooms that would be the same price as my half of the original hotel I booked which was a pricier one right on the beach. I found a very promising one and emailed them for info on availability last we'll see.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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Ironbelle said...

ohhh fun! travelling solo can be a blast! it gives you tons of YOU time!!