Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Day 5/7 - Big miscalculation

My Stir fry turned into more of a disaster than too much sauce. I had a nagging feeling about the NI for the steam fried noodles. At first look the NI looked good and then I figured out how many servings were in the bag. OMG I was wrong. The NI is for 25g and there's 15 servings in the bag. So this morning I tossed all of it.

I should have realized it with the word fried in the title but for some reason I thought steam was good.

Oh well it's a learning opportunity. Today has been a weird food day. I know I'm an emotional eater and today was mega stress so this morning I grabbed a raspberry delight (granolaish raspberry things) that I'm pretty sure is equally evil to a scone. So I'm not sure how to calculate that but tonight will be a low point dinner and no snacks whatsoever. I have to go to the library tonight and it takes about 20min to walk home from there. Yoga didn't happen yesterday so I think I'll do it today.

Onwards and hopefully downwards!


duenneschen said...

ugh...i'm so proud of you for only taking your stress out on your breakfast!!!

ive eaten an entire box of mini snicker ice cream bars...thats 12 over a 1000 calories and 60 grams of fat! hhhmmm...i wonder how many points that is!

way to go at keeping it in check..

Sonya said...

Your granola rasberry delight is NO major offense - don't worry! Think about how much worse it could have been!

And I'm sorry your stir-fry didn't turn out. I never have luck with noodles at home, so I stick to rice. Even then, my sauce always stinks.:-(

Have a great weekend!