Thursday, August 10, 2006

4 months exactly

Today is exactly 4 months from me standing on the starting line (well behind 27000 other people) of the Honolulu Marathon...whoo hoo!
Which means 4 months away from my goal date of being at goal.

Lately it's been hard to stay OP and I'm not sure why. I took time to self analyze and these are some of theories.
Long weekend - 3 days of 24/7 access to the fridge and no routine like at work.
Plans that go awry - Bring really healthy lunch to work and then wind up going out for lunch (that only happened yesterday) which then throws off your day.
Meal planning - As in perhaps I should do that
Training plans and weather: Last night was a training night, training partner stuck out of town. Thought about walking home but the sky indicated bad idea. There was a vicious thunderstorm but did I go home and pop in a
Snacking after dinner: Meticulously went through my cupboards for low point options made that but then at 8:30pm had uncontrollable desire for an ice cream sandwich.
Water- As in drink it regularly

A part of all this is probably TOM related but I'm dead serious about the next 4 months. You all will be my inspiration. When you have good days I will be inspired, when you have bad days it will remind me that we are all human and that this is a lifestyle not a diet and more importantly I will know that I'm not alone in all this and do my best to inspire you as well.

I'm back on an OP challenge then, which I'll do in 7 day increments, 121 days sounds a little daunting. Saturday is WI so I will start Day 1 then, but the staying OP starts today.

This was on Ironbelle's blog and technically I was tagged so here it goes.

5 strange habits
1) Can not eat any meat that has bones, it there's not a choice I'll eat around them
2) WI rituals - same scale every time and wear the exact same outfit every Saturday
3) My office is crazy neat, my house not so much
4) When I weigh myself at home, I always step on the scale right foot first
5) I also hate Christmas (too many years in retail) but adore Halloween


iportion said...

I have been having probs being OP as well as a late. You just have to do your best.

Ironbelle said...

Yay!! I love how you posted your tag :)

haha i love your WI rituatls.... you are not alone!

Ironbelle said...

Yay!! I love how you posted your tag :)

haha i love your WI rituatls.... you are not alone!

Sonya said...

I can't believe your marathon is 4 months away!!! How exciting. You're going to ROCK!!

I step on the scale right foot first as well - so maybe it's not such a strange habit afterall?