Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Thunderstorms and musings

Totally lost track of yesterday. I've been busy, busy, busy...which I love because it's better than being bored out of your tree.

Points were good yesterday, target was 22, I ate 26 but then got off my couch and went for 6.6km walk which earned me 4AP...Yeah me. So I earned 3 stickers on my chart...yippee!

Today I'm planning for 22pts again, I need to go to Walmart but if it doesn't rain I should mow my lawn. Either will earn me some sort of activity point because I'll walk home from Walmart. I also want to do yoga tonight. However I will stop to watch Canada's Next Top Model...I love it.

Watched the finale of Project Catwalk and I'm so happy Kirstie won. I like her from the start.

Was supposed to have my quarterly performance review today but supervisor is sick...oh well it shall be rescheduled. They should just tell me I'm fabulous and be done with it.

Wicked thunderstorms last night that sounded like electric currents cracking, so didn't get too much sleep. I need it to get warm out so my house will warm up a bit.

Not loads to report right now, might be back later.

The Points:
Toast - 1
Blueberry Cream Cheese -1
Milk - 2
Coffee - 2
Vermicelli and veggies - 4 (tossed the meat that came with because it was disgusting)
Yogurt - 1
Apple - 1
Yogurt - 1
Subtotal: 13/22 so 9 pts remaining that's huge pour moi. Must plan dinner carefully, I really should go to Walmart so I can go to Safeway and carefully plan tomorrow. I'm going to a Partylite thing and have been assigned sous chef status. The menu that's been explained to me so far is not points friendly. So I want to fill up on low point things so at least I can try a few things at the festivities. Must give that some thought.

The musing part: When a bus is full and the driver asks everyone to move as far back as they can so people can get on...why do morons squeeze themselves into the back door part when they know that in a few stops a bunch of people will be getting off. The best part is when other people are filing past them to get to the back of the bus and they pretend not to notice all the people trying to squeeze past them....Common sense is dead people.

To Success!!!!!!

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