Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Decent into madness....

Why is it that every once in awhile you just fall off the wagon completely?
I've noticed a lot of bloggers are going through this right now and so am I. Is it PMS, is it the full moon coming, is it just that when you've doing this for so long you might need a break - maybe all three?
Whatever it is it's hit me full force this week. I dread writing in my tracker, but have learned from the past it's better to record the ugly simply to learn from it.
Had a pretty good day point wise but then went out for dinner, every plan I had in place for this didn't happen. The thing is I'm going out for dinner tomorrow night too, so again I've planned a low point day to compensate. Weigh in is going to be bloody awful, a part of me doesn't even want to go. I know it's better to face the music and think of it as day 1.
I'm just feeling weak this week....blah. I know I'm pmsing because everyone irritated me today. I should go break out the midol to restore myself to my regular happy self.

My food plan was a disaster so I'm not even going there today.

I'll get my act together.


Michelle said...

you'll are doing good
you are keeping it low in the day to compensate, you have to look at the positive choices you are making instead of all the negative. I'm sure weigh in won't be as bad as you fear, just remember to keep at it each day, a failed effort is still an effort and eventually you'll turn it back around.

chin up!! x

herefishy said...

My world right now has been on the wagon for 2 days, off the wagon for a week. So, no idea why this is going on but I know I'm lacking motivation in some big bad ways!
On the other hand, we need to keep in mind that this is about healthy bodies and that our bodies would be healthier carrying around less weight!
Good luck!