Monday, June 26, 2006

Activity Craziness!

Being my super powerful self I woke up on the early side of Sunday (8am ish) and went for a 7km walk. Then later on I did 90min of yard work which included mowing the front and back lawn...whoo hoo to me. Food was really good until about 8pm, slight unnecessary snacking occured but I'm not letting that bother me. I had also earned 9APs that day.

I was set up really well for today until I realized I forgot about a lunch get together, no worries there. The lunch I brought needed to be nuked and that doesn't really work when you're going to the park so I bought a sandwich of roughly the same points. Got sidelined by home made cinnamon buns brought in by an old co-worker who now lives in Edmonton. No biggy there either I had 9pts for supper so now I do a lower point supper and drink lots of water. My walking buddy and I are heading out after work and she pushes me to go faster so some good APs coming my way. I'm seriously thinking about getting up earlier and going for a walk when it's cooler. Of course that would mean earlier bed time so that I don't fall asleep at my desk :) That I'll work on.

Tomorrow night I'm going out for dinner so getting up earlier and going for a walk would be a good idea. We'll see, I knew the dinner was coming so I'll also adjust my points accordingly.

Food Today: Goal 24pts
Coyote Pancakes with blueberries - 3pts (this mix has 7g of fibre)
Milk - 2
1 TBSP Light Aunt Jemima Syrop - 1
Apple - 1
Egg Salad on Whole Wheat - 6 (It's got very little filling)
2 x Cinnamon Rolls - 8 (Same size as the pillsbury caramel rolls)
Subtotal - 21pts Remaining points- 3
I'll earn a minimum of 4 APs tonight so I'll aim for a 4pt supper (can be done at Subway or at home).
Cardio - Walk with buddy estimating 8km.

To Success!

1 comment:

Michelle said...

good job on the walk
I doubt if I walk 7K in a week!!!

keep it up Buttercup xxx