Saturday, June 17, 2006

Can of worms...

Oy vey, that is pretty much how I would sum up my day.
First let me recap Friday. Well it was a fairly busy day work wise and a bit of sadness. Our receptionist is from Romania and she's super home sick right now and we're all not sure how to make it better....however ideas are in the works.
My boss took us all our for drinks and appetizers at Moxie's which was great, however I was of course concerned about WI the next morning. So I had a normal size bellini, a few nachos and couple of pieces of med bread and one triangle of cheese toast (Carb Fest). That was my dinner, then I left early. It was too hard to stay and watch the moxie size bellinis and the ordering of even more food, so I went home and drank lots and lots and lots of water.

I was down 1lb this morning, and my WI lady actually commented on me looking fit and not giggly...hey I'll take it. She also congratulated me on total lost so far. That was really nice since I've been feeling relatively useless plan wise lately.

My Dad was in town today to help we with a few "simple" maintenance things. The first project to deal with a very slow drain in the bathroom sink...result a new sink because the 50 year old one has had it's day. Then it was pretty much the whole day dedicated to getting the new sink to talk to the old pipes. Still not sure if it's good to go, there was caulking involved so I'll test it on Monday once everything has had a chance to dry.

So yay I get to brush my teeth in the kitchen. The other projects were put on of those being my furnace. At least it's supposed to be warm this week. The week of rain and blah weather we just went through caused me to dress in layers while inside the house.

Food wise not so great today but not a complete disaster and I don't really care today. I'm considering today a bit of a free day. I did have decent activity today and tomorrow it will be the olympics of lawn mowing and all sorts of thing related to that. Plus I need to grab groceries so I'll be inspired tomorrow to seek out veggies and goodness.

My week of stickers started really well then fizzled out. I'm not giving up on that project. A new chart goes up tomorrow and I begin again. I really need to schedule activity so I have a plan when I get home and don't get distracted. I'm also going to review all my data (I should have been an accountant-I'm a bit fond of spreadsheets :) )

Right now I'm listening to Natasha Bedingfield's "If you're gonna...". So far I really really like 3 songs- that one, Unwritten and Single....just had to share.



alea said...

CONGRATS on the loss! And a huge YAY for having the strength to go home and not give in to the temptation of bellinis and restaurant food! That is awesome!

Good luck with your new week and your sticker incentive!

Michelle said...

KT Tunstall's "Suddenly I see" is awesome as well!!! Love Natasha Beddingfield, and a lot of her brothers stuff too.

You deserve major Kudos for leaving Moxies, once there I would have been downing the Bellinis and ordering copious amounts of chicken fingers!!! Good girl!!

herefishy said...

(you know 3 miles is less than 5k??)
Yup, you rock on the leaving Moxies. I need to go to bed so that I stop stop stop eating. Today I have done nothing but eat. damn PMS.