Monday, June 12, 2006

Still going

I was up .8 at WI, which I'm fine with it's the week before TOM so I typically have a gain then.
However my goal for this coming Saturday is to be down 3. I've done it before and after 2 weeks of gains I know it's doable.

My Sunday was perfectly OP, not one slip - stuck to my 22pts alloted for the day, drank my water (7 cups not the 3L I normally plan for but the WW minimum), did some strength training. Now I just need to do it again.

I've put a chart/grid on fridge with the days of the week on the vertical and my goals on the horizontal. So there's OP, Water, Cardio, Strength and Yoga. Then I have how many out of 7 days I want to achieve. I'm aiming for 6/7 for OP (one day to cheat which has worked for me in the past), 7/7 for Water, 4/7 for Cardio, 2/7 for Strength and 2/7 for Yoga. Every day I achieve any of these goals I get a sticker. What can I say I have a thing for stickers. Then at the end of the week I will total up and see if I made my goal and then I'll reward myself in someway ie. new OPI nail polish or a lipstick or something preferably not food related. O.K maybe a cupcake on a Saturday. But damn Crave in Kensington, if you're not there right when they open they can be sold out and closed by 2pm. I fail to see my they say there hours are until 6pm.

Saturday I earned one sticker for getting activity, but my friend (who follows WW online) was in town and we had foodapalooza including a cupcake from Crave (There were only two to choose from and these are expensive cupcakes) . It was good and now it's done. I also bought my first cherries of the season. I love cherries.

Sunday I earned 3 stickers...whoo hooo.
The most stickers I could earn in one day is 4 and that's only if I combine two workouts ie Strength and Yoga.
It's on my fridge as a very visual reminder. I discovered that where I go wrong the most is after 8pm. Even last night I noticed the abundance of food commercials on at that could just be me...there might be that many all the time.

My walking buddy heads out of town soon so I will have to suck it up and head out alone. We're walking tonight and then on Tuesday I plan to mow the lawn which takes an hour and I consider to be exercise. After that if the weather is nice I'll walk, if not I'll Taebo, or something else on the multitude of exercise DVDs I own.

I can't wait to try my Magic Bullet blender that I got from my friend Unfortunately all I can think of to make is dessert related, so that's why I haven't tried it yet. There are healthy recipes in the book provided, I just wasn't in the mood.

Today I will try yet another flavour of Cliff Bar in my search for one I like. 1/2 a bar (2.5pts) is my pre-exercise carb snack (as advised by the sports nutritionist) so far I've tried the oatmeal one and I thought it was disgusting. Today I have the black cherry almond one (my friend says it's good). At home waiting to be tried are about 7 other flavours. Considering I only eat half at a time, I think I'm pretty well stocked up. I also have gatorade with me so there'll be no dehydrating for me.

Isn't funny how we can be so disgruntled and ready to give up and then all of sudden you get a burst of gung ho. I need to learn how to stay gung ho.

I want to finally hit goal and stop giving WW so much money.

I was watching X-Weighted on Sunday, you can find it on the Life channel and more about it here on their site. It's really interesting to see the challenges they face that we can all probably relate to, it follows them for 6 months.

Alright enough rambling for today.

The Plan:
Toast - 1
Raspberry Cream Cheese - 1
Milk - 2
Coffee - 2
Silhouette Yogurt - 1
Apple - 1
Beef Rouladen - 4
No yolk noodles - 4
Veggies - 0
1/2 Cliff Bar - 2.5 (pending if I like it)
20oz Gatorade - Didn't drink much (one gulp) so took it off,
Earned 7APs in total and then my friend craved Nachos. So we went to Brewsters. She ordered nachos and I ordered a thin crust veggie pizza. I ate half the pizza and a couple of her nachos but then ordered a chocolate sundae. We were sharing but I ate most of it. She did have a piece of my pizza. So the end result was a little ugly even with activity points I went over. I'm probably totally underestimating the pizza too. Sigh
1/2 Veggie Pizza - 8
Handful of Nachos - 5
2/3 Chocolate Sundae - 8
Totals: 39.5/33 (26 plus all of the activity points)
Tomorrow must be a low point day!

To Success!!!!


herefishy said...

Great work on all that exercise! you have some serious will power eating only half a bar! way to go!

The Glitterati said...

I LOVE stickers. I remember doing this project in a Behaviour Modification class I was taking, where I rewarded myself with a pretty sticker every time I read a chapter in my text. (The project was to stop procrastinating on readings) It felt so great to put that sticker on my day planner. A bit lame, but really truly great!! :)