Saturday, June 24, 2006

Positive Outlook equals down 1.6!

Whoo hoo! I was very happy at the scale today. Also very happy because now my bathroom sink drains properly thanks to Wonder Dad, who at 83 is still very active and most people might guess he's in his 60s. I really really hope I age like him.

I'm so close to flinging myself into the 160's and with my workout plan in place this week and the WW Mexican Potatoe Casserole planned for work lunch I think I can do it. The only wrinkle in my plan is that my WW meeting is closed on Canada Day so that means going to work really early on Thursday so I can go to the 7am meeting Downtown. I'm willing to do that so I can keep my WI routine relatively intact.

My positive statement of the day...I feel powerful, not in a rule the world sort of way (That is my dream job) but more I know I'll get to goal. Though I don't like the effect on my bank account I love how all my dress pants are too big and that I've gone down in shoe size. I also love how I look at the nutritional information without even thinking about it.

I adore all of my fellow bloggers who are incorporating healthy options into their lives. We should really have a convention or something :)

Hope everyone has a fantastic Saturday.

To Success!

(Food tracking and exercise goals return tomorrow)


Michelle said...

congrats on the loss!!!

alea said...

Congrats on the loss! I totally love your positive attitude in your post! Keep it up!

And did I read that right? You dropped a SHOE size???

Sonya said...

Feeling powerful is amazing, because it's all about being in control of our actions. Good for you for getting to that place!

And congratulations on your weight loss - that's wonderful!

I'm so inspired by your drive to go to the 7am WW meeting!!!!