Friday, June 30, 2006

Happy Day Before Canada Day!

Hello All,
Not tons new to report, got messed up with the meeting times and couldn't WI in yesterday night. I so thought it was at 7:30 not 6:30. Oh well I just have to surrender two coupons next Saturday. I am really looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. I don't think the whole province has been sleeping well with all the heat but it's cooler today.

My long weekend plans involve a whole lot of yard work related activities, however I do need to seek out work clothes that fit. So maybe I'll go shopping on Saturday and leave the yard work for the other two days.

Even though I didn't WI yesterday I still behaved myself and didn't go crazy with snack or bad choices so I'm quite pleased with myself on that one. I also plan on getting a fair amount of activity this weekend. The chart and sticker routine is returning for next week, this week I tried to just use my journal to set activity goals and didn't work as well. I need a more visual, in your face reminder.

I hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday weekend, I'll probably pop by on the weekend.

To Success


Sonya said...

Happy Canada Day, my fellow Canuck!:-)

And I'm with you on all this heat...Toronto is quite humid right now too.

Have a nice long weekend - and may we both be resist the many temptations that will undoubtedly come our way!!!

Michelle said...

yes..crazy hot here in Medicine Hat!! 37 degrees yesterday and then at around 10pm...major thunder and lightning storm with a shite load of rain for 5 minutes...then calm!! Freaky. Heading to Calgary in a few days so I'm hoping it's a wee bit cooler being closer to the mountains!

Have a good weekend.