Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Rain, rain go away

Just now it looked like a typhoon hit my fair city. I looked up from my desk out the two feet of window and saw rain coming down sideways. I think it's rained every day for the last two weeks. It sure puts kinks into my walking program. Snow I can handle, rain not so much. Since it's still a bus ride home again, I'd prefer not to do that soaking wet and miserable. Tonight I must find an alternative workout.

After work I do need to go in search of a suit. I hate suits, not the look of them just trying to find one especially when one is trying to lose weight. I don't want an expensive one that won't fit in 3 mths. Every suit jacket I try on is too long in the sleeves and I don't have time for alterations. I need it for a client lunch on Thursday. I don't do the work lunch thing very often so I can generally avoid getting a suit. I saw a great suit jacket at Walmart on sale for $14...there were no bottoms to go with it and it was a sort of greyish black so it looked stupid with a real black. I passed. Normally those type of deals never happen to me. My good friend who is now in Toronto has this uncanny ability to find amazing clothes for stupid prices. I'm talking about a $10 suit. She can work miracles. It helps that she has an awesome sense of style which I don't. I'm working on it but still have trouble finding what works for me.
I wish What Not to Wear would come to Calgary so I can nominate myself and then they can give me the $5000 to get a new wardrobe.

Alas, Suzy Shier and Reitmans will have to do for now.

On the food front I've been fairly well behaved. My stomach has been growling consistently since 2pm so I definitely need a snack. Have no idea what to make for supper tonight so I'm hoping inspiration hits me....perhaps an egg white omelette made with my funky magic bullet blender. So far I've made scrambled eggs and a fruit smoothie... not at the same time. This thing is neat, the only problem is the recipe book that came with it has a lot of not so point friendly options.

On the T.V front I'm torn Canada's Next Top Model goes up against Big Brother All Stars. Sure I can tape one and watch the other but Wednesday is a training night I'd have to make sure I get home in time. Of course the Global and CBS has Big Brother on at the same time. MTV starts The Hills on Wednesday too atleast that repeats later.....yes I am a reality tv junkie and I'm o.k with that....for reality I watch the news.

I've babbled enough for today....Success to all!


Michelle said...

ah, another reality show slave
I am one too!!!! What is 'the hills' about??

Cowgirl Warrior said...

It takes Lauren from Laguna Beach and follows her as an intern at Teen Vogue....Damn MTV there's also Tiara Girls and Sweet Sixteen. They're like watching a train wreck, one can't look away