Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Crazy Busy...Oy Vey

Sometimes it seriously scares me how fast time flies...more the fact that you never get it back. Here's all I've been up to.
Saturday: My Birthday...34 ah no 29 forever! I was up 1lb at WI, couldn't quite figure that one out, however my tracking has not been brilliant and the water was nowhere near where it should have been
My Dad came in bringing me a whack of gardenias, peonies, petunias and something I can't identify, so we planted and went to stupidstore. Later when out to dinner with my friend and we saw Over The Hedge...this is a very funny movie, many times did we laugh out loud and the animation is fantastic. Food was all downhill, I tracked it and it was sooooo not pretty.
Thought that 3 of my friends had forgotton my birthday...2 did...1 has redeemed themselves.

Sunday: Dedicated to returning books to the library and laundry and going through every single Shape magazine that I've kept for two pages of information. Went through all of them and just kept the at home workout info, I have the binder and page protectors ready. Was great point wise until very end of the day and the uncontrollable desire to make a sundae. Light ice cream but I think the double chocolate sauce probably made up the difference.

Monday:Crazy day all day, never slowed down. My head was spinning for most of it. Did a great 9k walk with a decent hill after work. Also had my office birthday cake....which I totally forgot to track until the end of the day...sending me over again...

I must be diligent for the rest of the week, I'm already fighting the snack attack fixation of the week before TOM. I'm going out to dinner twice this week...Wednesday and Thursday. This will be the Weightwatcher Olympics for me. I will plan ahead and document whether or not I succeed.

Met with the Sports Nutritionist on Friday, wow I'm surprised I didn't hurt myself during the half marathon because I wasn't doing anything you were supposed to. I was surprised to learn that one should consume 30g of Carbs per hour of high endurance exercise if it exceeds 90min to 120min (so the 3 gummi berries during my 1/2 marathon was probably not enough). The 30g can be a combination of gatorade type beverage and energy bar. She recommended Cliff bars so now I'm in search of a flavour I like.
You should also really start carb loading and hydrating 3 days before the event

Recovery meal within 2 hours of your endurance exercise should consist of double the serving of carbs you normally have so 2 cups of pasta vs. 1 cup. Her only concern with following WW was making sure we eat enough. So she said following the plan on all other days is fine but to pay attention to carbs on high endurance days. I'm only probably doing one really high endurance day a week so it should work.

Food Plan:
Oatmeal - 2
1/2c Blueberries - 0
2tsp brown sugar - 1
Milk - 2
Coffee - 2
Silhouette Yogurt - 1
H.M Cabbage Roll - 5
2 Roma tomatoes -0
2 Green onions - 0
3/4c Organic Tomatoe Soup (as sauce) - 1

That's 9 pts for dinner but I want to go lower to make up the disaster of the past few days. I want to try my new Namaste Yoga Dvds can be found on Access and seem really easy to follow. As well as walking home from the mall.

To Success!

Blogger is driving me crazy, I've tried twice to post a picture of Hammy from Over the Hedge and it says it's "Done" but nada shows up...argh


Anne said...

Happy Birthday!

Michelle said...

laughing out loud at the gummi berries during the run!! LOLOL

You kill me
and...Stupidstore! My sister and i affectionately refer to it as that too.