Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My Abs hurt

Did 7.17 KM tonight fastest pace time 5:35min/km, average pace 10:55min/K.
So we're about a minute slower than 4 months ago...not too shabby. It was quite hot in the full sun. Luckily pathway has shaddy bits :)

Stupid move of the a bean and salsa salad from Taco Time, forgot that there was salsa on it and added more...was way too hot to eat...duh!

I did the 20min Winsor Pilates workout followed by a Namaste Yoga workout and today I feel it.
It's been awhile since I've done pilates and I was impressed that my flexibility improved on some moves but it was hard so I know I was rusty. The Yoga was better I had done that workout before but still had to awkwardly get a look at the tv to see if I was doing the move right.

Tonight it's walking with my training buddy, probably about 6km or so. I remembered my Garmin today so I'll be able to track distance, pace and calories.

Apart from that not too much to report today. Staff meeting went better than I expected so that was good.

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Ironbelle said...

Good for you with all the workouts! I am sure that you will sleep well!! Great motivation to get my butt in gear!