Thursday, July 27, 2006

Now to figure out the after workout snack

Since my salad from Taco Time was such a disaster I went home and snacked like crazy, over all the damage wasn't bad I only really had fairly healthy things to choose from, but I know I need to focus on a good after workout snack.

I should be conscious of the pre workout snack as well. So pre workout carbs and post workout protein. Ideally I'd like something protein ish that can live in my back pack for the day and doesn't require being kept cool or a large cumbersome container. Turkey bites is an option but they don't taste the same warm. I'm thinking of baking a savoury biscuit of some sort with maybe ham and a wee bit of cheese. So not big but just something to consume afterwards that prevents me from seeking out food like a maniac.

Next week I'm trying an experiment with breakfast I'm going to go back to the homemade egg mcmuffin. Lately it's been one piece of toast and Nutella, today it was too pieces of toast, light marg and a bit of grape jelly. Both accompanied with a glass of milk and a cup of coffee. I have breakfast at 5:45am ish so at 8:00am I have a yogurt by 10:00am my stomach is grumbling.

It's kind of a science isn't it.

One of my colleagues is in a wicked funk today and it's affecting everyone else. I totally understand why he's in a funk but I don't think he realizes how it effects everyone else. I owe him dinner so I suggested that today we pick a night. He said no idea so I said any Tues or Thurs how about Death by Chocolate tonight? ...Very brave move on my part since I'm doing the Death by Chocolate thing on Tuesday with other friends. I do have a sneaky suspicion that tonight won't work simply because I don't think he's in the mood to be sociable...I offered it because he loves chocolate and just maybe it would make him smile.

On the tv show front watched So You Think You Can Dance last night and I don't know who should go home. They weren't all fantastic but I don't think anyone was disappointing enough to go home...o.k maybe Ryan. I found that Natalie out did him but she does that with every partner. It was great to see Benji and Heidi dancing together. I'll have to tape the result show because it's just a wee bit too late for moi. Haven't really gotten into Rockstar probably because I'm not that crazy about Tommy Lee. Big Brother was better because their was some drama with Jase but I'm still not totally crazy about it.

My walking friend will be consumed by Folk Fest so I'm on my own for Friday and Sunday which doesn't phase me but I'm thinking about getting a heart rate monitor so I can have a better indication of what I'm doing especially when I'm training by myself. When we walk together we naturally go faster.

Well I'm totally all over the place today topic wise :)


Rachel said...

I always plan my snackies and bring them with me. Every day at 10:00 I have a yogurt, apple sauce, 100 calorie pack, fruit cup, something like that. It definitely helps to plan ahead. Good luck finding the perfect snack!

Ironbelle said...

Hey -

For a great post workout snack some great ideas are some whey protein shake mix in a portable drinking bottle. Just add water and you are ready to go. They have fantastic whey protein that shakes up like a fruit juice flavor and isn't clumpy! that is very yummy. Also try adding that with a handful of almonds. Or an piece of fruit with a small handful of nuts.

Sonya said...

Snacks - such a dilemma! Especially if refridgeration is an issue.

Here are some ideas:

- a grilled veggie burger (high in protein, and can be eaten at room temperature)
- a handful of nuts and a fruit
- protein shake (excellent idea!)
- a pb sandwich - and buy some milk

...oh, and I LOVE nutella. Loved it so much in fact, that i had to let it go.:-)