Friday, July 14, 2006

Just plain lazy

I haven't even updated my stats from last week. Now I might as well wait until tomorrow's WI. So my summer derailment continues. OP continues to be a struggle, not horribly bad which I take as a victory. Water is also a struggle, with WI tomorrow I need to get in gear.
I had to get a coffee, I'm yawning like crazy. Enough about me, let's get on to reality t.v.

I'm so excited about next weeks So you think you can's going to be 2hrs long and now the vote is for individual dancers. They dance two routines with a new partner and then a solo routine. Should show us all their talents in a new light.

Canada's Next Top Model is coming to a close and I find myself supporting Sisi, I despised her at the beginning but now like how she's a bit quirky. I can't stand Andrea, I'm not sure why. Alanna just doesn't strike me as a top I would know of course.

Big Brother 7
Caught it for the 1st time yesterday and I don't know. It's the all star edition so I'm a bit tired of these people. We'll see about that one.

Treasure Hunters
Haven't watched that in a few weeks, but a commercial said that they could vote members off of their own team....interesting.

#1 Single (Life Network?)
I feel for Lisa Loeb but I like this one so far, it's not a game just one person's adventure in being single.

The Hills (MTV)
Will someone just kick Heidi in the patootey. This girl has no work ethic whatsoever and is so incredibly annoying. It will get interesting now that Lauren is back with Jason.

Yes I am a TV Junkie, I call it my family :)

Wish me skinny vibes for the WI bright and early tomorrow.

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Sonya said...

It's not a summer derailment! You'll be on track when you're good and ready - don't worry.

As for Sisi - agree that she's probably the best fit. I must say, I enjoy America's Next Top better...even though Tyra can be annoying, she's better than Tricia don't you think?

I loooove "So you think..." too, and can't wait for the individual dance routine.

I have to admit, though - I really, really, really despite Lisa Loeb and her new show. I was like, "where did she come back from?"..and how exactly is she rich off one song? And why is she still wearing those goofy glasses years later? Okay, I feel better now that's off my chest.

I've monopolized your comment section - sorry!!!!

Good luck at WI today.