Monday, July 24, 2006

Found pants!

Yesterday I headed to the mall once again and this time I took my measurements before I went and reconfirmed that I am fabulous. Went to the Bay again and found a black and grey pair that fit well, not perfectly but they're not going to fit me for long because I'll be smaller :)

They were on sale and then I got a further reduction at the till. $37 for two pairs of dress pants that are normally $50 each. Whoo hoo! Still no luck on the tops to go with skirts front, I think I need to wait for the new season to officially get in.

Discovered an interesting trend in my snack attack both Saturday and Sunday I had boughts of post 7pm snacking and I know why.
During the work week, I have scheduled snack breaks and lunch breaks. This weekend I had breakfast a little later than usual and then didn't have lunch till I was pretty much starving at 2pm which then totally threw my metabolism and dinner off. I still had supper but would go for something light. I had long periods of time between meals do to staying up later than usual that resulted in mindless snacking instead of planned snacking. I plan my work days in my tracker to the last point practically. I don't do that on the weekends. I think I'll start. It's not a massive deal because I typically have a free day within reason on Saturday and have never had it effect a weigh in badly. I just don't like it when I feel like the snacking is over taking me.

Well marathon training starts today! So weather permitting I'll head out for a walk when I get home if there's a storm than it will be step aerobics.

Here's my workout plan for the week:
Monday:walk 5-6km or cardio (40min or more)
Tuesday:yoga, pilates, strength
Wednesday:walk 6-8km or cardio (if weather sucks)
Thursday: yoga, pilates, strength
Friday:Walk 6-8km or cardio
Sunday:Long walk 8-10km

As the weeks progress the walking distances will change but not the days. I think I'll start posting what I did each day, add a level of accountability.

Just fell victim to a massive ice cream sandwich, well wasn't really forced...this is what happened.
Me speaking to co-worker- I feel like ice cream
Her - Let's go
Me- I don't really need one...but I am working out tonight
Her-I read that you shouldn't try to justify and just do it or not
Me-No I'm thinking of points can I encorporate into my plan
Her- So can you?
Me- Yeah...let's go

Of course now I feel guilty and I'm not impressed with how I talked myself into that. Yes I could fit into my points for the day. I just need to adjust dinner. I just really wished I could have stuck to my plan without being distracted by ice cream.

I will not be derailed again today. I will drink my water, I will work out, I will have a healthy filling dinner.
See ya tomorrow!


alea said...

Yay for the pants!

Your training schedule sounds pretty tough! I'm sure it'll bring you great results weight and fitness wise. Go you!

Cowgirl Warrior said...

It's not too bad, the 5-6km walks only take me about 40min or so.
You've got a plan yourself.

Here's to success for both of us :)

Ironbelle said...

Is this going to be your first marathon that you are running? I would love to hear updates about your running! I admire people who train so hard!

Mmmmm ice cream sandwich! You have put that idea into my head! nooooooo.... haha

iportion said...

Congrats on the pants.

Just ideas:
Why not get a WW dining out guide and use that the next time you want ice cream. You'd be surprised soft serve isn't that bad. Also I make smoothies pwdered milk, ice and diet soda. I think they sale portable blenders.

On the weekends buy some veggies for yourself, and your favorite diet soda and allow some snacks.

Purl_Princess said...

Wow good for you for doing the marathon - it's so hard but it'll be one of the best things you do.

I liked your conversation re: ice cream... that's totally what I would do...

Cowgirl Warrior said...

Thanks guys, excellent suggestions!