Friday, July 21, 2006

Just not feelin it today

Ya know when you have tons to do and you just don't want to...that's my day today. It could be that it's supposed to be over 30 degrees here today or that the majority of the companies in the downtown core have flex days today (of course not mine). Of course it is Friday and I'm ready for the weekend. Tomorrow will be the first time in 5 weeks that I can actually stay for my meeting. I'm so happy about that, it's just not the same running in, stepping on a scale and then running out again. Not sure what the scale will say, eating has been alright, activity has been alright, not stellar on either front. I'm not worried about it because Saturday is the start of a new week.

I've decided that the chart thing I've got going on is alright but what I really need is a workout schedule. I have a training schedule sort of worked out for the Honolulu marathon. Training officially starts on Monday so I need to get in gear. The friend I'm training with works nights occasionally and is volunteering for the Folk Fest so I'll have to do a fair bit on my own. I'll keep my sticker reward program but give myself a sticker everyday I complete the prescheduled workout. I have to suck it up dealing with the weather too. When it's going to be too hot, I have to get up earlier and take advantage of the cooler weather.

The half marathon I did in Vancouver was by the skin of my teeth, I had a good time but I was seriously dehydrated afterwards and my training was wishy washy. I'm looking at a goal time of 6.5 hours in Honolulu, that's a looonnnnggg time to be walking. I need to focus not just on walking but strength and flexibility training this time. I did nada for Vancouver. my weekend will be getting a schedule together and loading some fast paced tunes on to my MP3 player to get myself going.

Have a great weekend everybody!


Sonya said...

You're training for a marathon? Wow - I'm in awe of you.

Did you run or walk through your 1/2 marathon? What an amazing achievement!!!!

At this rate, you'll be at goal in no time.

Have fun at your meeting tomorrow!!

Cowgirl Warrior said...

Walked, and passed runners on the hills..hee hee.

Thanks for that, look forward to my complaining about training :)

duenneschen said...


i just wanted to sy thanks for stopping by, i've been reading your blog for a while just never commented but glad to see your reading mine too!!!

ooohhh!! your training for a marathon too!!!

how exciting!!! can't wait to read about the complaining!! ,)