Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The mysteries of change

So last night right when I got home I did step aerobics, had to drag myself through it but I did it and then I had a very healthy dinner that only put me over by 2pts...not too shabby I must say for myself :)

Today is going better, I armed my desk with the Cadbury thins so if I need a treat that's my option not going and buying a 7pt ice cream thingy. I'm not the type to eat more than one of the cadbury thins so having a few in my desk is not a problem. Plus I have a few different types so it doesn't get boring.

Tonight I need to swing by my local mall and get some protein options, I have an abundance of fruit and veggies but almost nothing for protein. I'm also going to see if I can find some tops to go with my skirts. There's a store that's like mini Winners which I think I can tolerate a little better. I'm avoiding hemming pants so I need tops to go with all the skirts I used to avoid wearing. Now I'm embracing them...go figure.

On tap for tonight is Yoga and Pilates. I think I'll start with Pilates and then do the yoga.

I'll also walk home from the mall which is roughly 3km so not terribly far but every little bit counts :)

In terms of my title that's more work related. I always find it interesting how people approach change. There are those who embrace and live for it and those who avoid it like the plague. I think I'm in the middle, I'm not afraid of it as long as I know how it effects me. My co- worker is deathly afraid of it and driving me crazy because she keeps using me as her back up. For example "Well CW and I think that....". No way Sista you're on your own. I feel like I need to follow up with the people she's saying these things to in order to state that she's not speaking for me. Tomorrow's staff meeting will be interesting, there's a whole whack of changes in the works and it should be boisterous. Last week turned into a talking over each other match with nothing being sorted. I hope tomorrow is more productive :)


Sonya said...

Yay for you doing so great! Glad to hear you found pants, too. You'll find tops for your skirts as well, I'm sure.

Cadbury's thins are the best, aren't they? My problem is, I can't just eat one...so I don't have them around.

And I'm really impressed with your marathon training schedule!!! Awesome.

Rachel said...

I keep Hershey Kisses on my desk. They're about 25 calories each and 1 or two usually do it for me. They also make me mighty popular with the people I work with. :)