Friday, July 28, 2006

So so so so so so Happy it's Friday!!!!!

I've deliriously happy that it's Friday for no particular reason. I'm just sick of this week. Ya know?

Woke up to a freaky lightning and thunder show, no rain...just lightnening and thunder. Bright enough to light up my room. So I just lay in bed saying a mantra of "Please don't hit my house". Then it started to rain. My original plan was to bring my walking gear to work and walk home (about 10k) but those storms are coming back and I really don't want to be stuck on a pathway that's at the base of a cliff and one has to climb that cliff in a mega thunderstorm. So I'll wait until I get home and then if the weather holds go for a walk and if not then a DVD workout. I did yoga again last night and stuck to the Exalted Warrior workout, I tried to do another one but I got lost in the warm up. I never watch a workout dvd before I launch myself into the workout. This weekend I'll be watching those yoga workouts for sure.

The scale is playing mind games with me. Thursday morning good progress, this morning "What the?". I know not to be ruled by a number but it still irritates me. My snack-apalooza has probably caught up with me. What's really scary is next week should be the desire to snack craziness due to TOM. I will have to tread carefully me thinks.

I had today completely planned out and started tracking on Fitday. I'm still tracking points and my journal is permanently attached to me but it's sort of neat to see all that broken down in to calories. Shape has a neat free tracker too, but you can't save it only print it. I like the add food system better on the shape site then Fitday but I'd rather it saves the info.

I got off course at lunch with some fries, but I'm still on track point wise even with the dinner I have planned out. I'm drinking water like it's going out of style. I do this all the time - suddenly develop excellent behaviours the day before weigh in. What can I say I'm hoping for a metabolism shake up.

Thank you so much for all the snack suggestions. I think I need to come up with a modified trail mix of some sort. I have fruit cups in my desk at work but I think trail mix would travel better.

Have a great weekend everybody!


Sonya said...

Snack-a-palooza, lol! That's cute.

I've long since given up on scale fluctuations from one day to the next. Some days I'll be up, like, 3 pounds (and it will make me want to jump out the window) - and the next day, whoosh! Gone.

You're doing all the right things, and that's what counts!

Good call on not walking in the middle of a thunder shower, and have a lovely weekend!

Ironbelle said...

Hey -

I am interested in your walking. I have started walking everday just because I really like it! Do you use a walking program?

iportion said...

I want to snack all the time :-) I understand.