Monday, July 17, 2006

Miracle of miracles

I was down 1lb at WI and I was wearing my regular WI clothes so technically down 2 from last week.
This week has already started off well with 45min of step aerobics on Saturday, an attempt at Billy's Boot Camp Tae Bo then gave up on that and did regular strength training on Sunday. I hadn't done Tae Bo in awhile so I think I need to go back to my Flex and Cardio DVDs and work up to boot camp.

Tonight is an 8km walk (hopefully but it's supposed to be super hot). I already talked to my walking buddy that tonight will be about distance not speed.
I've been on plan for the past two days as well. Only water hasn't been great and it never is when I'm at home. I think it's because I don't have a water cooler at home and brita is just not the same.

I'm also in charge of putting my friend and my marathon training plan into works. We're training on our own since Running Room was a bit of a disappointment. My German order is seriously kicked in, I've already printed off maps of the Calgary Marathon so we have a route for a test marathon towards the end of the training. I've got info on nutrition and anything else you can think of. Oh yeah in case you missed the tracker above the marathon is in Honolulu. I better be at goal after training for that. This is hard core so we don't hurt ourselves.

Apart from that not much to report except I fixed my furnace with the help of my Dad. I can now add changing a thermocouple to my list of rare skills :)

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Anne said...

Congrats on the loss!