Thursday, July 20, 2006

A bit of an NSV

I discovered yesterday that I now fit into a smaller pair of pantyhose...that doesn't have me hiking up the legs because I'm 5'4. It's funny really, I have to give a presentation today so I'm decked out in a suit and heels...I never wear heels so I'm treading carefully and it makes me walk slower. My colleagues are giving me wolf whistles, which makes me I dress like a schlepp normally?

One said that I looked totally different, exuding confidence. Not that I'm meek any other time but today I'm channeling Agent Scully.
This colleague is a more mature woman who wears suits every day. I told her that I would love to wear more suits but the frustration with losing weight it they eventually won't fit (I'm on a role now so they definitely won't fit in 3 mths time) So I'd rather wait until I hit goal weight to amass a wardrobe of suits, now I just try to get by with some basics for occasions that require them.

Saw the last minute of Canada's Next Top Model last night (the rest is taped). I'm a bit disappointed that Andrea won. I haven't watched a complete episode in awhile but she always seems a bit off and her weight scares me. Did we ever discover if she was eating properly? I know that was a discussion a few weeks ago.

So You Think You Can Dance rocked last night, it was so nice to see the dancers with new partners and on their own. Can't wait for tonight, I'm thinking Martha and Ryan might get the boot because neither of them had any get up and go. I think Ivan might squeek through but the skate shoes were cheesy. Dmitry looked good with his shirt buttoned up, it's not that he doesn't have an amazing chest but I am getting a little tired of seeing it. After last night I think Travis might be in the running to win. Right now I think the top contenders are Benji, Heidi, Allison and Travis. The jazz dance and the contemporary routines perplexed me. I just don't get it, it's beautiful to watch but always seems all over the place to me.

Scale looked good today so I must not let nervousness about the presentation get to me and result in snack attacks.

Have a great day everybody!


Sonya said...

Congrats on the NSV!! I'm so proud of you. You're making amazing progress.

It's funny how clothes / hair make such a difference, isn't it?

I usually wear my hair up - like ALL the time. My hair is quite wavy, and I get annoyed with the frizz. A few times, I've actually straightened it all out, thrown on some contact lenses and a bit of extra eye make-up - and I get a TON of compliments.

I realized that sometimes a bit of discomfort can be worth it - and makes us feel a lot better about ourselves, no matter what our weight!

And we tend to let extra weight make us feel like we can't be beatiful. SO untrue.

I'm disappointed about Andrea winning too...and I taped SYTYCD last night - didn't see it.

Take care!

Ironbelle said...

Congrats on the NSV!! :) I am also short 5'1 and know that fitting into a smaller panty hose means that maybe I can get a pair that won't go all the way up over my tummy!

I am like you in that wearing heels makes me walk slower. haha but today I am sure that you will enjoy the pleasure of taking off your heel and say 'whoo hoo' to flats!

Yes- good point about Andrea. She looks so thin. I'm actually quite surprised that she can sache down the runway at all. I don't understand how she won looking that thin... I always wonder why there is this 'hush hush' about models and their diet.... just expose that they are anorexic and unhealthy.