Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Summer derailment?

I've been reading alot about people having a hard time staying on plan, god knows I'm in the same boat.
It's funny you'd think Summer makes us all seek activity more by being outside and zipping about but instead I think your haunted by visions of alcohol on patios with nachos and don't forget all the ice cream goodies that are heavily promoted at this time. Winter is supposed to be difficult with the desire to hibernate and the lack of choice of fresh produce. I find summer difficult, often it's too hot to want to go out and work out or that pint is way too appealing. Sundaes always look too good. Oy vey I say.

So at WI I was up a pound, well really two but since I had to leave right after WI I wasn't wearing my weigh in uniform. I'm o.k with the gain since I knew a portion of it was water retention. I've been better but not perfect with being OP since then. Little bits of activity hear and there. Finally tried my Namaste Yoga dvd and I really like it. It's only half an hour each episode with warm up and then 12 min dynamic flow and then cool down/relaxation. I love the 12 min part because you do a move over and over again so by the last time you don't quite feel like a dork.

Tonight I was planning to walk with a friend but she forgot her gear and I planned to go home and embrace step aerobics.

I'm off to a Stampede breakfast this morning, there's an abundance of free pancakes in my fair city for the next week. I ate breakfast at home as usual this morning so I wouldn't be tempted by flapjacks, I might have one and consider it my morning snack. We'll see, hopefully there'll will be a giant line and I won't even want to line up. Tomorrow will be a Stampede lunch so probably and abundance of burgers, hot dogs and beans. My god, one could eat for free for the 10 days of Stampede and probably gain 20lbs by the end of it :)

The tracking of triggers is going well and the chart is on the fridge and bigger this time.

Now some shout outs

Jill - Hug for you anytime
Michelle- You just plain rock
Sonya- You're awesome

Giant hug to all the bloggers as we continue this journey to being better selves.

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Sonya said...

I'm finding it really hard to stay on track this summer too! I think it's because we're going out more, and it's harder to keep within plan. And nachos and pancakes aren't meant to be ignored, are they?:-)

Isn't yoga awesome? I've been going once a week now, for three weeks - and I'm already hooked. It's hard work, too!

Make sure you have a teeny-tiny flapjack in honour the stampede (and me in Toronto, who is both stampede and flapjack-less!).

And thanks for the shout-out - I happen to think that you're awesome too.:-)

We'll get to the end of this journey - slowly sometimes, but SURELY!