Saturday, January 12, 2013

Crazy Week

Well my first full week of 2013 was pretty crazy. I'm got so much on the go but that's good as I'd rather be busy then bored.

Every night I grabbed soup from the camp pack lunch kitchen and headed to my room. I was averaging 13 hrs a day so by the end I just wanted to go to bed.

Of course my super busy causes a wee bit of stress which resulted in way too many Hershey's kisses on one two days, in fact I went over my points this week. The good news I tracked everything, it wasn't that long ago that I would have just given up.

I've now tracked for 21 days in a row (the good, the bad and the ugly as it's all data), I haven't done that in eons.

A few days ago I did miss one day but then I went back the next day and filled it all out.

I did have a loss this week of .4 lbs. I got to move glass beads from Pounds to Go to Pounds Lost. I use on glass bead per .2 lbs.

Last night I had two cups of Cleansing Tea from Teavana, I've had one cup before and had no ill effects. Not the case last night, I was up a lot and I won't go into detail but I was miserable.  Today I tossed it. I did order some other teas that are more dessert herbal teas. I find it helps when I want something sweet at night. Instead of finding chocolate or some sort of bar I go to cup of herbal tea.

At first I thought I'd be going to the 2nd meeting today as I had very little sleep but I was up at my normal Saturday time. I went to Starbucks and got my usual Grande NF Caramel Macchiato and thought about getting their reduced fat breakfast sandwich which clocks in at 8 pts. The funny part that's the same as an Egg McMuffin. Today I decided to take my Starbucks drink and go to Tim Hortons. I got the English muffin with egg white, ham and cheese which is 6 pts and it was fantastic.

I went back to Zumba today, I can't even remember that last time I went. I enjoy it so much. Still have no idea what I'm doing but I find it so fun. I saw that the gym is starting a Tai Chi Gong class  on Sundays in February and I'm going to sign up for that.

I miss the old Saturday gym schedule which had Zumba then Iron Reps. Now it's Zumba, another class then Iron Reps. I just couldn't spend 3 hours in the gym and grocery shop. My total activity for the day was 1 hr of walking (to weigh in, on the treadmill while I waited for Zumba and then the walk home) and 45 min of Zumba.

I think I'll make a point of going to the Friday Iron Reps class as I need to get in the habit of adding strength training.

While grocery shopping I picked this up:

A re-usable coffee sleeve, I've seen them at Starbucks but this one has the handy pocket for your coffee card. Every Monday I get a coffee from Tim's on my way to the plane.

This Monday I'm actually in Calgary for a full day meeting and I'll be flying back to site at 8:25 pm. That will make an interesting Monday as lunch will be catered and dinner must be had before we fly out as the camp kitchen will be closed by the time we get there. There's already a plan for a few of us on that flight to go for dinner. I'm making sure to keep Weekly Points for Monday, I'm not going to go crazy. I'm not concerned about dinner as I can make modifications at restaurant. The catered lunch at the meeting is another story so I just want to be prepared. Not to mention a lot of caffeine will be needed if I'm stuck in a meeting room all day. Maybe I'll swing by Tim's on my way there tomorrow.

My boss told me I can expect to be Calgary based in 9 to 12 months, that's still quite the window. However I was scanning the workout schedule at the gym and thinking about all the classes I could go to when I'm based in Calgary.

Alright tomorrow I should clean the house and die my hair.

Hope you had a great Saturday.


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BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

I think you'll like what happened at my WW meeting today. It's the big 50 celebration day. Today the 360 kit's were on sale for 29.95. I said outloud, WTH. As I just bought mine at Christmas for 34.95 lol I'm pissy about it!
Hope your week goes well!