Friday, January 18, 2013

A blip

It's felt like a long week.

Monday's meeting in Calgary went well but it's always such a foodapalooza and as it was that time of the month that didn't help.

I was booked on the 8:25 pm plane back to work but the plane was late and I didn't get to my camp room till 11 pm. That is way past my bedtime and a ridiculously long day as I was up at 4 am.

Tuesday felt like Mondays when I have to be up by 3:30 am. I slept in for an hour and took a later tram to the office. Normally I take the 5:30 am or 5:45 am tram. At 6:30 am it's nuts, people everywhere. I will stick to the earlier time it's so much more civilized. I had a ton to do and the complicated part I needed help from others to get it done and sometimes that's like herding cats. I didn't leave the office on Tuesday till 8 pm.

I did attempt a run on the treadmill on Wednesday, it wasn't pretty but I was on there for 40 min. One of my friends at work also got a Fitbit so we thought walking around our camp building would be a good thing. It's a big building with 3 major wings. We can't go outside as there are no sidewalks and pretty much vehicles everywhere plus it was -27c. All in all it was just over 6 miles. What I love about T is she walks fast too. We'll have to keep that up as it breaks the monotony of the treadmill. During the day we'll message each other and take a walk around are two story office building.

Half marathon training starts on Monday as I'm in all day meeting in Calgary again on Monday I'll need to make up a run on the weekend. Today I spent the whole day in my pajamas. I've felt off for the past few days and was really hoping it wasn't the start of a flu or cold. At the event on Monday you could hear a chorus of coughing and then on the plan the girl sitting next to me had a healthy one going.

I did have a lovely nap this afternoon.

Food wise was awful as I'm such an emotional eater and stress is the worst for me. I tracked all the damage. There's a first for me, once it started to go downhill I would so typically stop tracking and probably get a new book. Nope like I said I will not lie to my tracker. This morning I thought I had left my tracker at work and I was freaked. False alarm it was in my backpack. I know I need a better plan for offsite meetings especially like pack my own snacks and that's what I'll do for this Monday.

The battle might have been lost this week but I will win the war.


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Enz said...

I'm on your side!