Friday, January 25, 2013

Well hello weights and sorry triceps

The week began with me abandoning my Nike Fuel Band and leaving it at home. The FitBit is the winner.

At work we are smack in the middle of all the HR cycles and they are all back to back, so it's a bit like herding cats when you need to get a bunch of managers to get there stuff done by a deadline.

Right now it's compensation cycle which has to be one of the crazier ones. This year we had to do a new process that caused less work for the managers and a crazy amount of work for me.

So Monday I had the all day offsite which I think was really productive. I was asked to do the icebreaker and I personally despise icebreakers. I did the one where you tell 3 things about yourself - 2 true and one made up. It went over really well and everyone had a good laugh.

The lunch was catered at the hotel and was a Mexican Fiesta, so good. Dinner was at Charcut, which I can best describe as protein paradise, and Paleo people would really like it and  vegetarians not so much.

We ate a la Famille, so we got platters of things and shared. The beet salad was amazing and I am not a fan of arugula and think of it as dandelion leaves but whatever they did to it was awesome. Then there was a course of cured meats - the spicy ham amazing. There were mini buns with a little pot of cheese that I wasn't sure what to do with. Then the main courses - gnocchi (divine), steak with chimichurri sauce (divine), pork belly (didn't eat it), half a chicken  (didn't eat it- I don't do bones), a fish with head and tail still on (definitely didn't eat it) The main course came with a small pot of fancy carrots. All in all a whole lot of protein and two pieces of vegetable. I did have a beer "La Fin du Monde", translation The End of the World, it's a Quebec beer 10% alcohol but very refreshing which surprised me. I stopped at one, though the boys tried to get me to drink more I just kept saying 6 am flight.

It was a 3:30 am wake up call on Tuesday, now back to comp cycle I needed to enter the data for my client group and we were supposed to get access to the tool on Monday. Knowing I was out of the office on Monday I'd have to do it on Tuesday. I get to work to find out there was a problem and we were waiting for the tool. We didn't get access until 3:30pm. I left the office a few minutes to 9pm. Did I mention I had 2 hours of sleep.

Wednesday I was pretty much a zombie and now had to answer questions as the all the managers now had access to the tool. Someone actually told me I looked tired. I took the earliest tram back to camp and went straight to bed.

Thursday flew by so fast it was incredible. I was packing up my stuff so fast to catch the bus to the plane.

So first week of half marathon training didn't quite go according to plan.

So today I went to the gym and ran/walk on the treadmill for just under half an hour. I should have been there earlier. I did sign up for Tai Chi that start next Sunday. I've been thinking about doing Tai Chi for awhile so thought that it being offered at my gym was a sign. Stress is a big trigger for me falling off the wagon. I then went to my first Iron Reps class in months. Iron Reps is a weight class and you work on one body part per song. My triceps and biceps are going to hate me tomorrow. My upper body is definitely weaker then my lower body.

It showed me that if you don't keep this stuff up you lose it. The run/walk went really well though.

Tomorrow is weigh in and Zumba and I might do another run just to catch up for the week. Then I need to clean my house as it's been a dumping ground for the last little while.

Hope your week went really well!!!

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