Saturday, January 19, 2013

Facing the consequences and the early bird catches the worm

Slept in a little this morning and opted to go to the second meeting. I wasn't the only one as I saw a few people who are normally at the 9 am meeting.

Twice in one week I realize doing things later then my regular routine isn't worth it. The meeting wasn't as full as my regular one so not a lot of dialogue. I spoke a lot which is normally not my style.

We had a sub which we've had before. I like her she's British and newly arrived in Calgary. She was a leader in Britain too. She started the meeting by asking if people understood the 360 plan. A couple of women spoke up as said there wasn't a difference and it's just marketing.

I was a wee disappointed to hear that. I realize WW tweaks plans but I think they've got something good happening with the 360 plan by addressing hedonistic hunger and focusing on not just points to get us to where we want to go.

After that I headed to Walmart for some groceries and I realized that twice in one week doing things later then my normal routine wasn't worth it. I stopped off at Starbucks as per usual and there was a huge line. Walmart was a zoo. When I go to the earlier meeting there's never a line at Starbucks and Walmart is fairly calm.

I've established some routines that shouldn't be messed with and big one is being an early bird.

So weigh in was up 1.2, when the leader asked for who had a great week I put up my hand. I admitted it was an awful week but I did something I've never done before. I tracked everything. In the past I would have stopped by Wednesday and probably thrown out my tracker and got a new one.

I promised myself to not lie to my tracker and get this done.

I honored that commitment this week. Now to keep it going.

Tomorrow I start half marathon training.



Enz said...

Tomorrow I start 10k training. Lets do this !!! What's your plan? Lets help each other meet our goals.

Misc Mom said...

It is so hard to keep 100% track of your food, especially when you know you've eaten some things you know you shouldn't but a big step is the NOT LYING TO YOURSELF OR LYING TO YOUR JOURNAL. It is fundamental to write down everything and not only have it as something to keep you accountable but as a reminder of how well you did some weeks and how well you didnt do others and what you learned or how it affected your body. This is a scary, stressful but amazing journey! YOU CAN DO THIS!

christina said...

OMG I used to do that all the time - if the day was starting off bad I wouldnt track the rest of the day. THen might as well wait until next week. Good for you!!! That is a HUGE accomplishment!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you: it is an awesome week when you are 100 % accountable. The scale is merely a gauge; you made your choices, are accountable, and continuing on. That is the kind of behaviour that gets you to your goals.

What half marathon program are you using to train? Now that I am feeling good with the 10K distance it is the next logical step. It worries me, such a huge leap, but I have seen with training I can do things I never thought possible. What are you using and when is your race?

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

Tracking even when you are doing bad is a great habit. And the day you see yourself go into NEGATIVE points is the day you have a little come to Jesus (or whoever you believe in!)