Saturday, January 05, 2013

Nike FuelBand resurrected after evil 52 code

Just got back from Skyfall and this was the 2nd time I saw it but I enjoyed just as much. The theater was packed which surprised me as this movie has been out for awhile now.

I do enjoy that at Cineplex you can buy your ticket at the concession stand, that's just genius.

At any rate when I got home I decided to attempt one more time to fix the Nike FuelBand.

The first thing I did was uninstalled all Nike+ Connect software on my computer. Then I plugged in the FuelBand and the firmware updated with no issues at all.

The only drawback all the data was wiped, it's going back to June which is odd since I bought it in August.
The online Nike Connect kept some data like total "fuel earned to date".
I then did factory reset just to be careful.

Good thing I didn't buy a new one huh. My feelings haven't changed about it though and still very happy I got the FitBit.

My first day with FitBit was great. I earned over 12000 steps today.


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