Sunday, January 06, 2013

Fighting the couch

Happy Sunday Everyone,

I wore the FitBit last night to measure sleep and it's kind of cool, it caught when I woke up at 3 am and turned up the humidifier, apparently I woke up 12 times last night and clocked in just over 7 hrs of sleep.

My normal Sunday routine is to catch up on Coronation Street when I get up but after half an episode I was kind of bored so I started channel flipping as I decided what to have for breakfast.

I came upon a series called "Too Fat for 15", this series ran in 2010 and 2011 and featured obese teens at a wellness camp. There was a mini marathon of season 1. It was interesting to watch as some of these kids were super inspiring for example Tanisha who arrived at the camp at 511 pounds and that girl has determination. She was the largest kid they had ever had at the camp. She did her first mile in an hour and half but she never gave up and completed it. Then there was this other kid named Scott who had nothing but excuses. I'm hoping the Twist channel shows season 2 I'd like to find out how these kids do.

Speaking of weight loss shows, Biggest Loser starts tonight and I'm excited as Jillian is back. I'm also intrigued because there will be 3 kids on the show, they won't compete like the adults but the show is trying to draw attention to childhood obesity. I know I'm going to wind up watching it, thank goodness for time shifting on my tv as I can catch it at 7pm.

I was planing to go for walk today but I was finding it hard to get off the couch. I made lasagna first and then had lunch. I went for walk after lunch and did 5K around the neighbourhood. It was super windy but the temperature was pretty mild probably around -4C/ 24.8F, I was super impressed that 98% of my neighbours had clear sidewalks there were only a couple that didn't shovel which is ridiculous as it hasn't snowed in a while. Clearing your sidewalk is a bylaw in Calgary, you have to do it within 24 hrs of the snow stopping. You can get a hefty fine if the city comes by to clean up or someone slips and gets injured.

I have my first early morning flight of 2013 tomorrow and my alarm will be going off at 3:30 am. I generally try to keep Sunday's low key when I'm flying. I did try the Tria laser today so first treatment is done, now I'll do it again in 2 weeks.

I'm now in the middle of charging Olympics  as I need to charge my work blackberry, my iPhone, my iPad, my Kobo and my Garmin. Normally I'd also be charging my Nike FuelBand and now the FitBit but I did those yesterday.

I'm also doing laundry so my work uniform (t-shirt, jeans, yoga jacket) are good to go for tomorrow. I always lay out my clothes the night before.

I'm taking some of that lasagna for lunch tomorrow so that's sorted. My work backpack will be packed before I go to bed so only last minute stuff needs to be added like lunch and the wrist strap for the FitBit.

Everyone will be back tomorrow too, so it should be a full plane and a busy day.

I do plan to hit the treadmill for a run tomorrow night and I need to do my camp laundry so that works out well as the gym room is across from the laundry room.

I do hope all of you enjoyed your Sunday.


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Enz said...

Hahaha, I watched that today too, I had it on while I folded laundry and did other housework. I loved Tanisha as well and was hoping I can catch up with her in Season 2. Scott(y) drove me crazy and wasn't it funny how he behaved exactly like his mom when faced with difficulty - not really funny, kinda pathetic actually and God how she made excuses for him and it's not NATURAL for an intellectually normal 14 yr old boy to hold hands with Mom in public (or in private) and kiss on the mouth. Ugh. That freaked me out.

I have my FitBit charged, you inspired me to start using it again and I'm going to walk from the train station to my office tomorrow as its supposed to be milder and hopefully by now all the sidewalks have been cleared downtown.

And I just wrote a whole post in your comments - so feel free to not publish it - if you've read this far!