Sunday, January 20, 2013

Nike Fuel Band vs FitBit - a one week comparison

Calories Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday    Friday Saturday
Nike Fuel Band 666 962 969 1213 778 343 817
FitBit 2080 2174 2148 2446 2117 1909 2053
Difference -1414 -1212 -1179 -1233 -1339 -1566 -1236

Nike Fuel Band 4096 8025 8125 14276 5715 2175 10215
FitBit 3755 7263 7502 13559 5745 2837 10971
Difference 341 762 623 717 -30 -662 -756

Nike Fuel Band 1.68 3.29 3.33 5.86 2.35 0.89 4.19
FitBit 1.57 3.09 3.18 5.8 2.44 1.18 5.17
Difference 0.11 0.2 0.15 0.06 -0.09 -0.29 -0.98

Out of curiosity I decided to compare last weeks data between the Nike Fuel Band and the FitBit. Massive differences in calories burned. I do wear the FitBit at night to track my sleep but it's not tracking a thousand calories burned overnight. I think the FitBit is far more accurate with calories. The Nike Fuel Band and the FitBit determine calories the same way by using height, weight and gender.

On the steps part I find it interesting that the Nike Fuel Band was tracking higher for 4 days then the FitBit but that could be do to swinging of arms. For example on Saturday I walked home with groceries and Nike Fuel Band shows less miles and steps then FitBit as my arm wasn't really moving.

On miles they're pretty even. However FitBit wins here as you can check the miles all day where with Nike Fuel Band only shows miles once you sync it. I wouldn't depend on FitBit for run training I definitely prefer Garmin there.

Interesting comparison at any rate.

Today I was going to go to the gym for a run but I opted not to with the cold wind chills and Sunday transit schedule. Yeah I was a wimp today. Instead I turned to something I did to winter proof my workouts. I did Zumba on the Xbox. Interesting I have to admit I think I'd rather do the DVD as I'm not really interested in competing but I did get kick out of earning stars as I went along.

I also got Your Shape Fitness Evolved 2012, Harley Pasternak's Hollywood Workout and Zumba Core. I did Zumba Rush today. I got these last week as winter isn't over anytime soon.

I finally installed the Xbox yesterday as I've had it for few months but just been busy. After fingering out how to update it without having attached to the internet I was on my way. I played Kinect Sports and I quite enjoyed the bowling and ping pong.

Today was also laundry day and I wound up washing the FitBit, happy to say it survived. It was in the little pocket in my workout pants so super easy miss. Next time it will stay on the sports bra.

Tomorrow I have a meeting in Calgary again but I will be better prepared then last week. Then I fly back to work bright and early on Tuesday. It will feel like short week at any rate. My plan is a run on Tuesday and Wednesday as these are short runs in my training plan then do the first long run on Friday. It's a very short long run as I'm just starting the plan as well.

I hope all of you enjoyed your Sunday.



Enz said...

Have a great week!

Misc Mom said...

I love the Zumba DVDs and I agree that while I really enjoyed the Wii version of Zumba I didn't like having to compete with the machine. I am too competitive and so when I got it perfect and I knew I got it perfect but the machine didn't read it, that would make me mad. So I like to stick to the DVDs where I know what is coming and I can work my tail off without needing to beat someone at it. LOL

I'm going to have to look up the FitBit. I have a BodyMedia. I love new products though so I need to go check that out :)

Have a Happy healthy week!!