Saturday, January 26, 2013

Say what?

I always weigh myself at home before I leave for weigh in wearing exactly what I'll be wearing to the meeting. I'm a total geek that way.

I was shocked to see a .2 gain at weigh in where my scale had me at .6 loss. Normally there's only a .2 difference between my scale and the WW scale.

I was definitely annoyed. Thought maybe it was because it was a cold walk to weigh in maybe I was a wee frozen. Whatever I'm on to a new week.

The meeting itself was super packed, it's been a long time since I saw it this busy. I wonder if the new commercials and free registration brought in more people.

We had another sub and this time it was the leader from Black Diamond, that's an hour outside of Calgary. Hmm, I guess coverage for the 9:00 am meeting on a Saturday is hard to find.

The leader was really nice but incredibly underwhelming. We talked about salad dressing for 10 minutes. The someone had a question about how late is too late to eat. Questions are great but it kind of ran away with the meeting.

It drives me a little bananas when the leader starts quoting Dr. Oz. Last time I checked he was a heart surgeon who constantly recommends supplements on his show and doesn't work for Weight Watchers. Then when she was answering the "how late is too late to eat" she quoted Oprah. Oy vey.

After the meeting I zipped into Walmart to grab a few things I forgot yesterday which was primarily spinach. Then I went to Zumba.

I love this class so much, it's so much fun and a workout. I actually remembered some choreography steps. Plus I went to the middle of the class where I normally stay way at the back. It helped as I could see the instructor better.

Still loving my FitBit One, got over 17000 steps today and tried the silent alarm feature for the first time. The silent alarm is cool, it buzzes but it buzzes a little song so you feel it on your wrist when you're wearing the sleep sleeve. Now I've been wearing it on my dominant wrist this whole time and just found out the recommendation is to wear it on the non dominant wrist so I'll do that tonight and see if there's any difference.

I'm really intrigued by their new FitBit Flex but I'm happy to stay with FitBit One, one major reason the FitBit Flex doesn't have an altimeter like the One or Zip. The altimeter allows it tell if  you're changing elevation/altitude like going up stairs or up a hill. Of course when you move your body up something that uses more energy. It can tell the difference between moving and standing still for example the altimeter doesn't work on a stair climber or treadmill on incline. The Flex has everything the One has except for that. The Flex can be worn on your wrist all the time so kind of cool for measuring sleep as you need to put the One in a sleeve that wraps around your wrist. I do like that FitBit One is subtle and no one can tell I'm wearing it.

Alright tomorrow is monster house cleaning and laundry olympics - hey I'll get stairs in.

Hope you had a great Saturday


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Misc Mom said...

I LOVE zumba and think it is the most amazing form of exercise. I am sorry the WW scale was different than you anticipated but you seem to be doing really well. We can only move forward right? CHEERS