Monday, January 07, 2013

So Tired

My first early flight of 2013 and my first sleepless Sunday of 2013.

It's like my subconscious lives in fear of missing the plane so I wake up every hour on the hour only to truly fall asleep 15 min before my alarm goes off.

Then it was a long day ending at 7pm so 15.5 hr day.

Proceed straight to room, do not do laundry or hit the treadmill. I'm going to bed in the next 30 min.

I had a victory today. Due to the extremely long day my meals are out of whack because I've been up for so long. This morning I walked past the operator kitchen after lunch and snagged a croissant from the dessert tray. I bit off the end and realized I don't need this so I pitched it.

Now later on at 6pm I had a handful of Hershey kisses not exactly a victory but it's all tracked. I am never going to lie to my tracker again.

I'm even too tired to talk about Biggest Loser and I won't make it to watch tonight's episode.

Hope you had a great Monday and good night.


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