Sunday, July 01, 2012

Dear Me - I'm back

Happy Canada Day!!!! Gosh we're only 145 years young. I hope my fellow Canadians, no matter where you are, enjoys the day. 

My Canada Day is very low key as I head back to work tomorrow and that alarm is going off at 3:30am. Today is all about household chores for me. 

It's also the first day of a new month which always inspires me. Yesterday I re-read a post I wrote in April called Dear Me-Enough. Today I have a new letter from my logical self.

Dear Me,
Hello again it's your logical self. We need to talk again.

I once again need to ask you - how badly do you want this? You continue to bounce and have bounced  yourself right back into the 180s. Why are you doing this? I know you know better, remember you've done it before and got to 168. I also know you want to be successful so what's stopping you.

Once again you created grand plans remember your Birthday and Vegas, they didn't quite work out did they. I'm not here to bring you down, I'm here to remind you that you can brush yourself off and get back at it.

You're off to a good start as you wrote up your training plan for Disney Wine and Dine, plus signed up for two additional races. Your excited about Fitbloggin' which is great. Now we need to work on the follow through.

You're tracking has been non existent so get back at it. Reacquaint yourself with the gym. In fact you're not going to wait till July 10 to start training, you're starting now so you can start to establish the routine. Dig out those stickers, you like stickers and tick off each day you've done your plan.

This weekend you skipped weigh in and please your logic on that was iffy at best, that can't happen anymore. So what you're not crazy about the leader on Saturday's, if you need to weigh in on Saturday just suck it up. Remember one of the reasons you like that meeting is for the other members and hey you can also go Friday at noon. You like that leader. Yeah the noon weigh in means you have to rethink a little especially as you've scheduled your long run days for Friday's but the good thing about that is you could make adjustments pending weather and schedule.

Listen to your body with my help when it comes to food, don't listen to my emotional buddy. Hey you can bond with that side watching sappy movies or reading sappy books. In terms of your weight loss goals I'm in charge from now on. Your paper journals have also been idle for awhile, get those back into your life to get the emotions out as I know you don't always want to blog about it. Hey, when you're in a group setting remember you're priority is to take care of you. If it's not going to get you healthy don't do it.

The most important thing I have to tell you is this - I believe in you and always will.



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Listen to her, she's smart!

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