Monday, July 16, 2012

Back to training

So my training plan got a little messed up with going to Stampede on Friday. I did go to the gym yesterday.

I walked there and back. Got messed up on the treadmill. I bought the Nike GPS sports watch as a replacement for my Garmin I had at camp. My theory was it was cheaper. On it you can set intervals so while I was setting the watch up I set an interval. Unfortunately I set an interval that wasn't the one I planned on doing. So I got completely messed up as I was also using my gym boss. I kept going though.

It was a rough run as it was fairly humid when I walked to the gym I was already sweaty when I got there. All in all I hit my mileage goal. I've reset the watch to count 1 mile laps instead of intervals. I'll leave the Gym Boss for that.

Now normally today would be a run day but as I ran yesterday I wasn't to keen on that. I was so tired today. I woke up at 2am and had a restless sleep.

Now my other challenge is my schedule as I have late meetings for the next 2 days so to avoid excuses I've set the alarm for 4am tomorrow to get my run in. I'm telling you this do I have to do it.

There can't be any excuses anymore my eye is on the prize. So workout clothes are set best my bed and runners are untied and ready to put on. Bring It!!!!!!

Hope you had a good Monday.


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