Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 3 - damn those brownies

While my activity has been fairly good so far this week, 3 days in a row hasn't happened in a while, my tracking has been less then stellar. I did write everything down just didn't add it up.

Today I had a noon meeting that I knew was catered so I didn't pack a lunch in the morning. That was a bad decision I should have packed. There where these brownies well more cake like that were amazing. They were small and that would have been fine if I had one. I had 5. What the heck?

I know it was emotionally fueled. You see today there was a work Stampede party I really wanted to go to and I wasn't allowed to. Ok I sort of get it. It's Wednesday so that's 2 days away from site. I did say I'd fly back on Thursday but still no.

Now the part that annoyed me a little. The person who said I couldn't go went to the party.


Well I do have Friday to look forward to as that's when I'll head to the grounds and take in the chuckwagon races and the Grandstand show.

Tonight was run night and thanks to those brownies I ran out of steam at the 30 min mark. I stayed on the treadmill for another 30 min though. I was supposed to do a 45 min run/walk.

My Nike sensor wasn't working and I actually find Nike + iPod app not very accurate at any rate. For a data junkie like me I need consistent data.

So the other day I ordered a new Garmin. I don't know why but I trust Garmin more. I also ordered a new water bladder for my hydration pack. It's funny for Tinkerbell I had to train in winter. For Wine and Dine in the crazy heat of the summer so I decided to make use of the hydration pack I used for the Honolulu marathon a bizillion years ago.

So home day tomorrow. Hope you had a great Wednesday.

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Enz said...

Keep chipping away. Keep putting one foot in front of the other.